Welcome to the Videotron Community! Here, you’ll find answers to your questions and you can share advice and ideas anytime.

Here are several tips to make sure that this site benefits you to the fullest. You can also take a look at our FAQ section, which contains all the necessary information to help you navigate the Community.

Starting on the right foot in the Community is easy!

The entire Videotron Community is here to help you. Got a question? Another member has certainly got the answer!

Start by searching

There’s a good chance that another member has already asked a question similar to yours and has already found a solution. Start by typing the subject of your question in the search field of the welcome page to find suggestions and content.

Can’t find want you’re looking for?

Start a conversation and Community members will respond. To create an online discussion, you have to have an account: sign up here, it’s free!

Use hashtags

Be as precise and as clear as possible in your questions, your responses and your comments: keywords are there to steer members and facilitate searches. Use them as much as you want!

The key: helping each other!

Members of the Videotron Community are here to help each other. Have you got the answer to another member’s question? Help out by sharing what you know! Did someone resolve your problem? Tell them! You just have to approve their response as a “Solution”. You can also thank them in a comment—always a nice thing to do!

Say thanks by Liking!

Encourage constructive exchanges and thank other members of the Community by giving “Likes” when you think they’re deserved. You will definitely receive some as well, and we know you’ll appreciate it!

Be recognized for your contribution

Your participation in the Videotron Community is important: the more you contribute to the Community, the more you’ll get out of it.

  • Collect badges -- Visible on each member’s profile page, badges show off your activity!
  • Reach a higher rank --You’ve probably seen a title under your member name, which is your rank in the Community, indicating your degree of participation.

    Here's the list of ranks:

    • 1. Observer
    • 2. Curious
    • 3. Novice
    • 4. Apprentice
    • 5. Seasoned observer
    • 6. Initiate
    • 7. Squire
    • 8. Disciple
    • 9. Officer
    • 10. Knight
    • 11. Samurai
    • 12. Viking
    • 13. Spartan
    • 14. Baron
    • 15. Master
    • 16. Sultan
    • 17. Commander
    • 18. Admiral
    • 19. Lord
    • 20. Sensei
    • 21. Shogun
    • 22. Guru
    • 23. Oracle
    • 24. Emperor
    • 25. Superhero

The formulas for reaching a higher rank are secret, but it’s easy to become a Superhero—you just have to contribute actively and effectively to the Community. On your mark, get set, type!

Follow the Community rules

The moderators of the Community are here to keep things civil, and to make sure that useful information is provided in a friendly way. They will contact you via private message if necessary and you can also let them know if you see conduct that you find inappropriate. See our Community User Guide for more details.

Enjoy your visit to the Videotron Community!