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Unlimited Music


Unlimited Music

So with the recent CRTC ruling, anyone know what the plans are for those of us that currently use the unlimited music service?  Will Videotron keep fighting with the CRTC or in lieu of that will they increase our data allowances?

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Re: Unlimited Music

Hi Mrhud, 


I think they will offer more data for the people using it : 


"However, Videotron filed a review application with the CRTC today in order to minimize the impact on customers who are already using the service. Videotron is asking the CRTC to permit measures that would allow customers who are enjoying the service launched two years ago a smooth and advantageous transition. Videotron shares the CRTC’s commitment to putting Canadian consumers first."

Here :

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Re: Unlimited Music

Thanks Yass05


Your post refers to Videotrons reply of May 25.  I am referring the CRTC's decision on June 15 ( denying Videotrons request to essentially try and figure out what to do.  The CRTC decided that Videotron has until August to comply with the decision.


Re: Unlimited Music

Unlimited music is maintained until further notice. 

That decision is rather unfortunate and Videotron will most likely send out some sort of message information us of their decision.

Re: Unlimited Music

I got only 2 GB. But I know someone got 8 GB ! That's really unfair actually 😑