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Need Guidance!

"I've heard that the new Oppo phone has a great camera, especially from my friend Roman. I'm getting tired of using Apple and considering switching to a different brand, but I don't want to compromise on picture quality. Is the Oppo camera really as ...

Top Internet Plans

Dear provider, I am a blogger working on various projects such as falaya, Amazon, and YouTube. I require high-speed internet as I use approximately 100GB of data per month. I am interested in your 5G VideoTron internet packages and would appreciate i...

Can the Helix Fi Gateway be used as a network switch?

Bell is coming to install new service at a family member's place next week and I have a 30m long wire going from the modem's location to the basement. I was using a router (Linksys E1200) as a network switch to get more Ethernet ports, but I will no ...

h4g0p by Officer
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Resolved! Channel 124

Can we finally have the channel 124 (BET) in High Definition channel (HD)? Channel 724 perhaps!!!

Resolved! Daily traveler pass, do I need it? Can I deactivate it?

After landing in Maui I received a notification that the Daily Traveler Pass was activated even though I have us roaming as part of my plan.Here are my current plan details:INDIVIDUAL ACCESS CANADA-USLONG-DISTANCE CANADA TO USAUNLIMITED TSF/TPCUNLIMI...

tekums by Initiate
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BET Channel

Can we finally have the channel 124 (BET) in High Definition channel (HD)? Channel 724 perhaps!!!

Videotron just giving me a ball and chain?

So it seems that the Helix router is completely useless unless you subscribe to Videotron's internet service? So instead of renting the equipment to the user like a normal internet company and providing a simple braindead *modem*, videotron insists o...

Resolved! Does Helix support VPN

I am very interested in subscribing to Helix. However, i am required to install my company VPN on my router, regarding my various corporate electronic devices. With my former provider, this was not an issue. Will it work with Helix? As i researched t...

ftgmail by Initiate
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Ukraine contract not respected

Why does videotron not notify ukrainian users when they reach their internet data limit? Why does videotron not respect the law that requires them to disactivate internet data when the surcharge reaches 50$? Why does videotron not respect the contrac...

Resolved! 5G coverage in Ottawa?

2 questions: a) Can I get 5G service in Ottawa either directly on Videotron network or roaming on partner network only? b) I just switched from an LTE device to a new 5G device.  I re-used the SIM card from the old device.  Will 5G be supported with ...

teddo by Initiate
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Which 5G Bands - Not Frequencies - Are Used?

Which 5G bands specifically are used? Wikipedia suggests, that 1700 MHz is used by bands n66 and n86; 2100 MHz is used by bands n1, n34, n65, n66, n84 and n95; and 700 MHz is used by bands n12, n13, n14, n28, n29, n67, n83 and n85. For example, accor...

Spam Filters / Inbox Error Messages

Lots of spam emails have been getting through lately, so I added some mail filters to automatically move them to the Spam folder. The filters work sometimes, but not always. Some messages go the Spam folder, while others stay in my inbox. Worse is th...

DougCG by Initiate
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Helix TV updates

Those of you who are with Helix TV for a long time, do we see regular software updates on that TV service?  I see people complaining about small software issues (on these forums) that should be easy to resolve if they had a few developers assigned to...

Resolved! Helix - Change skip forward and skip back rates

Hello, How can I change the default skip forward and back rates on the Helix remote when watching a recorded prohram? By default the skip forward is 5 minutes and so is the skip back which is not very useful. It would be good if these rates could be ...

Resolved! Crave

According to the Crave website and app, 'Deadwood, The Movie' is available to view, but when I check in my Helix Crave on Demand it is nowhere to be found. We just watched the whole series and are very disappointed that we cannot continue with the mo...

SuCre by Initiate
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5G Bands

Which 5G bands specifically does Videotron use? Several bands use the 1700 and 2100 MHz ranges mentioned in this thread . Furthermore, one site mentioned, that ranges other than 1700 and 2100 MHz are now being used.

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