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Hélix tv app on firestick

Using the helix hardware, I was able to pause and record a live tv show. How can I do the same thing using the helix app for the fire stick?

Can I manually change DNS configuration on Helix?

Hi, In an effort to better improve security for my home network, I would like to configure the DNS settings on my router to point at "protected" DNS servers from the Canadian Shield ( Is there a way to do this...

Saving a program to another medium, like my computer

I recorded a program (that I appear on!) on my Helix device and it is going to expire soon. My siblings live in different countries and I would like them to be able to see it. I have two questions: 1. How can I refresh a program so that it doesn't ex...

csmith by Initiate
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Resolved! Helix app on fire stick stop working

Suddendly the helix app stopped working on my Amazon fire stick. I can open the app but nothing load, even the channel list don’t load.I clear cacheI force stoppedI uninstall and reinstallAfter all this it still don’t work, are they currently any iss...

Resolved! Helix Terminal 2 ?

Bonjour, Je vois que le Helix Terminal 2 est disponible pour achat. Il y a des amélioraitons par rappart à la Version 1? Merci! Francis

Resolved! Channel 124

Can we finally have the channel 124 (BET) in High Definition channel (HD)? Channel 724 perhaps!!!

Resolved! How long may I use Vidéotron number outside Canada?

I'm new to Vidéotron,  just transfer my number from bell. After doing some research, I am worried about using Vidéotron while travelling outside Canada. I have a plan to travel outside Canada for more than six months outside Canada next year and I do...

988: New Suicide Crisis Helpline

988 is Canada's new helpline for anyone thinking about suicide or worried about someone they know. The line offers urgent and direct telephone and text support to people in every province and territory of the country.   Dial 988 for free assistance, ...

VincentQ by Community Manager
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Internet speed at 30 MB/s while I'm paying for 400 MB/s

Hi, I want to know why my Internet speed is only 30 MB/s while I'm paying for 400 MB/s. If you have problems in the area I can understand, but you have to tell us that you are working to fix them.                                                 My ad...

Videotron extends the withdrawal of call charges to Israel

Videotron is extending the waiving of long-distance and SMS charges for our customers to Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip until January 12, 2024. Roaming charges for customers in those regions will also be waived during that period.   No need...

VincentQ by Community Manager
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Resolved! Helix updates

Hello,I have been using Helix for a few months now and I realize there have been no software updates. Sadly, i heard that videotron will not be improving the Helix as it is 3rd party software.Please tell me this is not the case.If there are updates i...

dpweb7 by Initiate
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Need help finding a device in helix app

My teenager managed to go on my Helix app and modified his devices (phone and laptop) so I can't recognize them and can't pause them anymore. He changed the logo (so it's not a phone logo anymore) and the name of his device to a random number. I have...

eSIM 2022?

Seriously? Almost everyone (worth mentioning) in Canada is doing it.Feels like videotron thinks they're the only game in town... CanadaBellFidoFreedomKoodoLucky MobileRogersShawTelusVirgin

Helix Equipment

I have finished paying for my internet and TV equipment, can I return them to Videotron if I cancel my services? Also, I have a wifi pod that I still have a balance on, can I return that for a refund or do I have to keep it and pay the balance? 

katslik by Initiate
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Resolved! Helix app is a **blip**p, recording lost in space

Started downloading a recording to my phone only to realize that Videotron has a ridiculous policy of only being able to watch and manage a recording only in one place from their PVR cloud.  So I cancelled the download and now the recording cannot be...

tuxking by Disciple
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Televion Sound

 On the Hélix remote my finger slid from Volume control to TV Input and I lost sound.  TV is Sony and I have Pioneer Tuner attached. After a frustrating hour on the phone the Videotron Technician could not correct the problem.

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