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Helix and Google WiFi Mesh network - it works

Just want to share my experience with Helix and Google Wifi mesh network as when I was subscribing no one seemed to know if it would work or not. The short answer is it works perfectly - but requires some manual adjustments.  1. Set-up your helix wif...

How do you keep your precious voicemail messages?

If you’re like me, you’ve had voicemail messages from your loved ones saved in your mobile or home phone voicemail for some time. Unfortunately, voicemail is not like a safe, and sometimes these messages are deleted. If you want to protect your preci...

VincentQ by Community Manager
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Port Forwarding Restricting IPs

Hello, I have recently set up a port forward on my device however I would like to restrict access to all IPs that connect to it externally unless I specifically give access to connect. I do no see an option to restrict port access by IPs. Has anyone ...

lbeaule by Initiate
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Port forwarding using ip adress - Helix Fi

Hi, I'm trying to portforward a port to a server running linux. I know for a fact the device is connected to the internet via my helix router. However, it doesnt show up in the list of connected device on the app.  Therefore when i try to create a po...

tyrede by Initiate
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Port Fowarding Helix FI App

I have spent the better part of January 2024 trying to setup port forwarding on a handful of PC's. All are connected to the Helix Technicolor CGM4140COM either through a switch or directly via RJ45 patch cable(s). Having been a Videotron / Helix cust...

petebata by Chevalier
  • 3 replies
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Spam Filters / Inbox Error Messages

Lots of spam emails have been getting through lately, so I added some mail filters to automatically move them to the Spam folder. The filters work sometimes, but not always. Some messages go the Spam folder, while others stay in my inbox. Worse is th...

DougCG by Initiate
  • 4 replies
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Unable toget email messages

I am new to cousib has it. But we do not!  Our problem has become confusing. As we all have sent my cousin a email...recieved an email in return...but when we send 2nd or more  we get a unable to deliver email??!!!!Why is this??!!  And ...

Email processing

Hi i m new to videotron..but my cousin  uses it...Now our confussion....  We have sent her emails...3 of us at different times. And. My cousin has used GEEK SQUAD....  And still same problem. That being. Is wesent her the. Initial email...she has rep...


Poor communication from Videotron on when internet service will be restored. Statements like working on it, and may get to you, or even we are busy with calls just sucks.No platitude please, just real hard facts about when service will be restored in...

Port Forwarding

Yesterday I tried to ascertain why the pert forwarding I had set up over a year ago had become unstable. I logged into my Helix Modem/Router and went to the Port Forwarding section of the Advanced settings. I added an additional port forward entry bu...

rvferro1 by Initiate
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Resolved! still can't access

Sorry for all the posts, but the replies I posted on the previous thread seem to be disappearing??? here's my 'tracert' when my browser can't browse the site:Tracing route to []over a maximum of 30 ho...

can't access

I have a strange issue: 90% of the time I can't access when on videotron's helix wifi. It happens on all devices connected to my wifi. If I switch my cellphone to use telus's network, all works fine. I can't access, and then after a...

XMLB - La borne Helix et les restrictions

Bonjour à vous tous,  mes frustration avec la borne helix et leur restrictions 1:Port Forward: 8123 fonctionne2: Port Forward:443 Il semble ouvert, mais ne l'est pas pas.3: ouverture du port 80  impossible : Erreur essayer plus tard4: DMZ : Erreur, e...

Resolved! How can I change the DNS servers used on my Helix Fi?

Morning, I was wondering how I could change the primary and secondary DNS servers on my Helix Fi via the web gateway ( Currently when I go to (Gateway > Connection > Videotron Network) I can see the two DNS servers used, but I cannot edit t...

Very slow internet this morning

Hello, since this morning I cannot download faster than ~250 to ~300 mbps rather than the usual 1gbps I get.I benched my network / router with iperf3 and I do hit 1gbps so my network is fine. I rebooted the Helix Gateway but to no avail. I use fast.c...

muffler by Initiate
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Helix Event Logs won't load

Hi, I wish to consult the logs on my Helix router.Under Troubleshooting > Logs, I can download System Logs and Firewall Logs, for up to 90 days, and these load and can be downloaded no problem. But when I try to call up Event Logs, after giving the u...

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