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How do you keep your precious voicemail messages?

If you’re like me, you’ve had voicemail messages from your loved ones saved in your mobile or home phone voicemail for some time. Unfortunately, voicemail is not like a safe, and sometimes these messages are deleted. If you want to protect your preci...

VincentQ by Community Manager
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Only IPv6 is working

I've tried power cycling and a factory reset my Helix modem to no avail. Only IPv6 supported websites are currently working for me such as some Google, Microsoft & Meta associated websites, some of Videotron's (such as the forum) and miscellaneous we...

Resolved! wifi configuration

Hi folks, my wifi gateway page in my browser no longer allows me to manage my wifi configuration. It says" Wi-Fi Mode, Security Mode, Channel Selection, Channel Mode, and Channel Bandwidth are being managed automatically to help optimize your home Wi...

potema by Initiate
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Helix Bridge Mode

Hello, I have a question regarding Helix Bridge Mode. My Current setup is as follows: Switch Ports Model              SW Version            SW Image                 ------ ----- -----              ----------            ----------               *    1...

aarmouti by Initiate
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Resolved! Technical questions about moving to Helix

I've been considering moving to Helix and have a few questions: - I have Videotron phone service through my Arris TM822 Cable modem - does the Helix unit have a battery backup as well for phone service?- I would like to put the Helix gateway in Bridg...

mzac by Squire
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Resolved! TC4400-AM default username/password?

Hello, I upgraded to the 940mbps connection. Videotron replaced my modem with the Technicolor TC4400-AM. According to: The default username and password should be admin/password. I have do...

gigabit by Initiate
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helix modem forces wifi setting changes

its the fourth time i have to factory reset my modem because of thisat home i use an hidden ssid setup on the wifi, with no password for convenience and ease of setup when i have visitors. but every so often helix decides to update it itself, with a ...

Resolved! New ipv4 address

How can i get a new ipv4 address as i dont see a way to configure it in that admin section of the Helix gateway site

mike96 by Initiate
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Resolved! Cannot connect Alexa Echo Dot to Helix network

Here's hoping someone came across this issue and has a solution. I recently became a Videotron customer.  We recently acquired an Echo Dot, 3rd generation and are in the process of making our home smart.  Initially, all went well. We installed the do...


my cell

I need info on my cell service.I've been with Videotron over 35 years; and now I'd loke to add my cell, but before doing that I'd like to know how much it will cost me. I pay around 26$ actually.


have all the swervices with Videotron for over 35 years. Now before I switch to another provider, I would like to know how much to epect to pay for a basic fare for my cell . Actually I pay 26$.

Resolved! Helix fi channel

Hi.I would like to know if any body know how to change the channel on the helix fi admin account. Its actually on the channel 11 and I have to much people around me on the same channel. I've try to change it manually but everytime I want to save it t...

Cptn by Initiate
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EMG2926 Port forwarding not working

Hi, Simple port forwarding for VNC used to work well. It is easy. But the port forwarding on EMG2926 stopped working. Can't trace it back to any update but it does not work.canyouseeme shows port is open but VNC will not work. I basicall open TCD-UDP...

yig99 by Initiate
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You mention Videotron customers will be compensated if they use their data id they have cell service with Videotron. What about the others. I had to use my Fido phone data (hotspot) all day for work. I really not impressed with Videotron. No info on ...

Alvaro by Squire
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Resolved! Call Waiting I’d / Visual call waiting

I just transferred my home phone from Bell to Videotron.  How do I activate the Call Waiting ID feature?  Call waiting is activated and working but the name and number of the person calling is not displayed.  This feature worked with Bell. Glenn

Helix fi 2 gateway disconnecting periodically

Hi, I've noticed that every now and then my connection gets interrupted, and when I look at my Helix Fi 2 Gateway router I see it flashing either green or orange. It doesn't take too long for the connection to come back but it's extremely frustrating...