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Videotron just giving me a ball and chain?

So it seems that the Helix router is completely useless unless you subscribe to Videotron's internet service? So instead of renting the equipment to the user like a normal internet company and providing a simple braindead *modem*, videotron insists o...

Can the Helix Fi Gateway be used as a network switch?

Bell is coming to install new service at a family member's place next week and I have a 30m long wire going from the modem's location to the basement. I was using a router (Linksys E1200) as a network switch to get more Ethernet ports, but I will no ...

h4g0p by Officer
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How do you keep your precious voicemail messages?

If you’re like me, you’ve had voicemail messages from your loved ones saved in your mobile or home phone voicemail for some time. Unfortunately, voicemail is not like a safe, and sometimes these messages are deleted. If you want to protect your preci...

VincentQ by Community Manager
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Resolved! Does Helix support VPN

I am very interested in subscribing to Helix. However, i am required to install my company VPN on my router, regarding my various corporate electronic devices. With my former provider, this was not an issue. Will it work with Helix? As i researched t...

ftgmail by Initiate
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Spam Filters / Inbox Error Messages

Lots of spam emails have been getting through lately, so I added some mail filters to automatically move them to the Spam folder. The filters work sometimes, but not always. Some messages go the Spam folder, while others stay in my inbox. Worse is th...

DougCG by Initiate
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Resolved! Telnet/SSH on the Helix Fi Gateway2 (Arris TG4482A)

Is/are Telnet and/or SSH available on the Helix Fi Gateway2 (Arris TG4482A)? I have a number of reasons for needing this, one of which would be to try to establish static routes, if this option is not available through the GUI or app (this refers to ...

Low resolution streaming hockey on 4K monitor

Why, when I stream hockey on my pc, is the resolution so terrible.  My monitor is a 32" 4K model but the picture quality is awful and does not even look to be 720P.  In 2023, this is unacceptable in my opinion.

JRG55 by Initiate
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Resolved! Static routes on the Helix Fi Gateway2 (Arris TG4482A)

Hi! Can static routes be set on the Helix Fi Gateway2 (an Arris TG4482A)?I have not found this on the router’s own internal web GUI, nor on the Helix Fi app. My application: I have an internal router behind the Helix Gateway, which serves up my main ...

Helix Gateway configuration questions

I just got the helix installed today and I'd like to start with I find it madness there is so little documentation on this product...even when calling support I was told they would not be able to help me as they have not been provided any other infor...

chrisk88 by Initiate
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Samsung soundbar interfering with Wifi?

Hi. A friend of mind was told that his Samsung soundbar will interfere with the WiFi signal from his Helix gateway. I also have a Samsung sound bar and a regularly have my WiFi signal interrupted when using my iPad, computer and game console. Especia...

Smart doorbell

I’m having no luck connecting my SkyBell doorbell to Helix. I did finally figure out how to disable the 5 GHz and attempted to connect using 2.4 GHz but still no luck. Videotron has no doorbells or cameras listed in their compatible smart devices. Ha...

Resolved! Helix networks

I am trying to connect all my smart bulbs & plugs & sonos, I was told that I can separate my networks for 2.4 & 5ghz, but HOW??? 

Resolved! Helix fi channel

Hi.I would like to know if any body know how to change the channel on the helix fi admin account. Its actually on the channel 11 and I have to much people around me on the same channel. I've try to change it manually but everytime I want to save it t...

Cptn by Initiate
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Samsung Galaxy S22

HI I have a Samsung Galaxy S22;  and videotron internet servicesThe Helix Fi installed without any issue; but the Helix TV app won't install.I've tried remove and re-installing several times.The error message says:"lets try that again: 500. We aren't...

fboffice by Initiate
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