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Flash Survey: Is night mode your jam?

The dark mode (or night mode) minimizes the white and bright colors of your mobile application interfaces to save your device battery and rest your eyes.   This seems to be the new trendy mobile feature: Messenger and even the Android settings menus ...

VincentQ by Community Manager
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Flash Survey: Techno at the gym?

We know that January is the time when we are filled with guilt or good intentions and we hit the gym again (for a while at least).   I'm curious to know:   Do you have any technological essentials for getting back into shape? Apps, Connected objects...

VincentQ by Community Manager
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Need Guidance!

I've heard that the new Oppo phone has a great camera, especially from my friend Roman. I'm getting tired of using Apple and considering switching to a different brand, but I don't want to compromise on picture quality. Is the Oppo camera really as g...

Top Internet Plans

Dear provider, I am a blogger working on various projects such as falaya, Amazon, and YouTube. I require high-speed internet as I use approximately 100GB of data per month. I am interested in your 5G VideoTron internet packages and would appreciate i...

Resolved! Daily traveler pass, do I need it? Can I deactivate it?

After landing in Maui I received a notification that the Daily Traveler Pass was activated even though I have us roaming as part of my plan.Here are my current plan details:INDIVIDUAL ACCESS CANADA-USLONG-DISTANCE CANADA TO USAUNLIMITED TSF/TPCUNLIMI...

tekums by Initiate
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Ukraine contract not respected

Why does videotron not notify ukrainian users when they reach their internet data limit? Why does videotron not respect the law that requires them to disactivate internet data when the surcharge reaches 50$? Why does videotron not respect the contrac...

Resolved! 5G coverage in Ottawa?

2 questions: a) Can I get 5G service in Ottawa either directly on Videotron network or roaming on partner network only? b) I just switched from an LTE device to a new 5G device.  I re-used the SIM card from the old device.  Will 5G be supported with ...

teddo by Initiate
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Which 5G Bands - Not Frequencies - Are Used?

Which 5G bands specifically are used? Wikipedia suggests, that 1700 MHz is used by bands n66 and n86; 2100 MHz is used by bands n1, n34, n65, n66, n84 and n95; and 700 MHz is used by bands n12, n13, n14, n28, n29, n67, n83 and n85. For example, accor...

5G Bands

Which 5G bands specifically does Videotron use? Several bands use the 1700 and 2100 MHz ranges mentioned in this thread . Furthermore, one site mentioned, that ranges other than 1700 and 2100 MHz are now being used.

So many missing features in Helix

We switched from Illico to Helix because Illico pricing became so ludicrous.  Videotron kept increasing their Illico pricing to push customers out of Illico and into Helix.  Unfortunately, Helix technology and features are FAR inferior to Illico. The...

jsgilman by Initiate
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Resolved! 5G Frequencies used by Videotron

Hi everyone, I have a Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G that I bought in France. I understand that at this stage every country is using different 5G frequencies to deploy their own 5G network. As a result, I would like to know if anyone is aware of the 5G fre...

daijia by Squire
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Data roaming?

I live in a suburb of Ottawa and If I don't enable data roaming, I can't use data in the south end of the burbs. Am I right in thinking that enabling and using data roaming doesn't incur any additional costs with Videotron? And why is Videotron's cov...

mikes by Initiate
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Resolved! Helix fi app

Hello, I had internet problems tonight, so I started messing around with my phone and checking Helix Fi app.Long story short, I paused my cell phone using my Helix Fi app.  Now I cannot use my phone internet  to unpause it,I need to use the Helix fi ...

Name Display for mobile

It seems most providers (Bell, Telus, Rogers) have Name display available for their customers. When is Videotron going to get this service already? I don't mean if the number is in your contacts, it will show when they call.

Resolved! Hotspot capabilities?

I'm shopping for mobile CAN-US plans.  Bell has one such plan and shows "Hotspot capabilities" as a feature.  Do the Videotron CAN-US plans offer this feature?  If so, where can I find out about the details?  For example, are hotspot speeds capped in...

Incoming text messages abroad

I am currently abroad in France and was wondering if incoming text messages from Canada would cost me money. I found this support page that says that text messages are 30¢/message but doesn't specify if that also applies to incoming text massages lik...

Big Bill for Data Usage

Big Bill for data usage, want to make a complaint. Yves from Customer Service told me to write one here and somebody would get back to me within 24 hours. Matteo Trentadue.514-983-8588


Hello, Is there a way to block an entire list of e-mail addresses on webmail? I've done searches and it seems so complicated. Add filters?!  Thank you in advance.  

Stephie by Initiate
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How many mobile lines can my account have?

I’ve got 6 lines on my account (taking advantage of the multi-line discount). I read a couple years ago that 6 is the max amount of lines you can have in one account. I just want to check if that is still true? I have some family members that would l...

jadaou by Initiate
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Videotron needs to get going with ESIM. New phone just released & Samsung watch 5 released on 26th of August 2022.  Thinking of porting my lines back to Rogers since they support it. Been loyal to Videotron for 10+ years but since they do not have a ...

solopro1 by Initiate
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Sim card was blocked

Hi ! I've bought Videotron in Montreal in June 1, then moved to Toronto.Today my and my girlfriend's aim card were locked. What's the problem and reason?How can we unlock themOur number are438 497 5062438 497 3957

Avgona by Initiate
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Hello,On the 23rd of August 2022, I received a Sales agent with her supervisor (I have her first name) for two hours of my time, waiting for her system to work and solving technical problems on her tablet; we discussed the service I needed. We conclu...