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Welcome to the new community members!

First of all, as we start another new year, I would like to welcome all our new users to the Forum. Good to see you here!   If you haven’t already done so, please check out the First Steps section. It will give you the basics on how our Community wor...

VincentQ by Rédacteur Web
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Helix gateway doesn't have Ipv6 address

Hello, I was told that ipv6 is supported, but seems only 6to4 works. My helix gateway doesn't have real Ipv6 address, there is Ipv6 gateway, but my device cannot get ipv6.  @Videotron can you guys please help to check? Best regards 

User Center App Signing Me Out Constantly

The user center app does not stay signed in. I have tried reinstalling the app. It seems others are having the same issue. I think Videotron need to push an update to fix this.

User Center App Logging Me Out Constantly

Recently, my app has not been keeping me logged in. It seems others have been having this issue as well. I tried re-installing the app but that doesn’t work. I think Videotron needs to push an update to fix this issue.

How good is Vidéotron Mobile recently?

I read reviews from between 2 to 4 years old and people only have negative things to say. Such as: horrible coverage outside Ottawa, liars, horrible customer service and frequent surprise charges.Now, we've had a switch for half the family but they m...

Account login

Hi, I can’t seem to remember my password for my account but it wont let me reset ny password and it wont give me any recent email on to change my password

Helix TV Terminal losing HDMI audio signal

Since the installation a few days ago, it's been working fine.This morning I turn the TV on, there is picture, no sound. I checked if the sound bar is on, it was.I then checked the TV speakers, they were working.I tried resetting the box, the TV, and...

budman85 by Disciple
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Helix Equipment

I have finished paying for my internet and TV equipment, can I return them to Videotron if I cancel my services? Also, I have a wifi pod that I still have a balance on, can I return that for a refund or do I have to keep it and pay the balance? 

katslik by Initiate
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Resolved! flashing power buttons

I am using a  New Generation remote (UEI) for my Illico service. In the last few days, the power buttons for tv and cable turn red when any button is pressed. This has never happened before. The Videotron help site says slow red flashing power light ...

Resolved! Channel Description

Does anyone know what the channel ADSM is? It is showing on my invoice, but I can't find the channel listed in the lineup.

MelM by Initiate
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Recording sports

I am new to Helix and while I mostly love it I have an issue with recording. I want to record every day of the Italian master's tennis. Helix only allows me to record one day at a time. There is no option to record the 'series'. I assume the same iss...

DAL21 by Initiate
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Accidentally Double Payment

Hello, i don't know how this happenned but i accidentally paid twice my bill.Does this mean that i won't need to pay for the next month?

no internet

No internet 2 daysIncompetent techniciansI want my money backMistake with videotron

Unable to verify my identity in the Chat and on Twitter

I'm unable to identify myself in the chat and on twitter. I don't know what answers you have for my account, nor is there any way for me to check them via your website. How can I verify the answers you have are correct?

mikes by Disciple
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How could I change my user name, it has a typo in it since the account was created online, would you guide me please?

Resolved! Older Illico models

Hello, My parents own two Illico Cisco 4642HD terminals at their home; one was manufactured in January 2012 and the other in June 2014. Using the 2014 version, they have access to the HD versions of the CTV Comedy, Movie Time, Starz 2, to name a few....

2012.JPG 2014.JPG

Videotron Illico

I have used the Illico online TV guide to program and manage my 4 Illico boxes. Now it appears that Videotron has discontinued the service and is trying to force Helix down my throat. Helix is an interesting system but I am invested in Illico. The He...

satkin by Initiate
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