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Wifi calling in Europe with esim

  1. I'm heading to Portugal this summer (unlimited plan) and have wifi calling enabled.  From what I am reading when I am physically located in a free Wifi country such as Portugal,  Wifi calling includes free calls\sms with any Canadian phone number and any Portugese phone number.  Can I purchase an esim for europe, configure my phone to use the esim for data, and have full text\sms functionality (at least to\from Canada and Portugal) without any additional costs?   Aren't there normally upcharges to call mobile phones in certain countries countries (not sure if Portugal is one of them)?

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! If you purchase an E-SIM in Portugal, you would have to pay the rates of that provider to that provider. The phone is essentially a computer, and the SIM or E-SIM is what connects it to a provider.
Thank you.

I thought I could purchase a data only esim and use the data from that esim, but the voice and text from the Videotron sim.   


So if that doesn't work... If I just stick with wifi (no esim) and assuming I disable roaming on my Videotron sim, does the Videotron wifi calling feature mean  I can make calls and send texts on my phone (ie my Canadian Videotron phone number) to Canadian or Portugese phone numbers at long as I am connected to a wifi network in Portugal.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello there, regarding Wi-Fi calling, all details are included on this page:


if your phone is dual SIM/natively supports eSIM, you might be able to assign a specific profile per use and your device should follow those rules. Most devices that are dual SIM capable offer you through the OS settings to specify which default SIM to use for 1- mobile data 2- calls.

Kindly check the available features and user manual of your device.


Hope that helps! Have a nice evening.