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Helix TV Power Save Mode

Last night I was watching movies and listening to music videos.

Several times I was prompted the TV box was going into Sleep mode if I do not respond.


I checked Power Save mode is OFF.   Why is this prompting me and giving me an ultimatum while watching a movie.  This is ridiculous and a PITA because it interrupts a movie during an action scene, blacking out the screen with a large overlay, forcing me to rewind the movie.  


What I don't understand, why is it even asking me if Power Save mode is OFF!




I walked away from TV, listening to music videos, when I came back in Screensaver was on. It turned the music I was listening to, OFF!   WTH... 


I went to disable the screensaver - I cannot!  Please make this option available.  I do not want my TV going to a screensaver when I'm watching movies or videos.



Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello budman85!


it is currently not possible to completely disable the power saving mode on Helix TV decoders. It is, however, possible to set it to the maximum delay available, which is 5 hours by pressing the Helix button on your remote, then going to "Settings" (the gear icon), "Device settings", "Screen saver", "Screen saver start after" and selecting "5 hours".


We will however take note of your request to allow this feature to be disabled for future development. 


Have a great day!