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Resolved! Technical questions about moving to Helix

I've been considering moving to Helix and have a few questions: - I have Videotron phone service through my Arris TM822 Cable modem - does the Helix unit have a battery backup as well for phone service?- I would like to put the Helix gateway in Bridg...

mzac by Squire
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Resolved! TC4400-AM default username/password?

Hello, I upgraded to the 940mbps connection. Videotron replaced my modem with the Technicolor TC4400-AM. According to: The default username and password should be admin/password. I have do...

gigabit by Initiate
  • 4 replies
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Channels on demand

Why can we not have more English channels to choose from in channels on demand? I understand that we live in Quebec but we have rights also. We used to have a Global TV and then showcase but now we only have global TV. Why not add Citytv and or CTV?

jocote by Initiate
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compatibility question

Will an unlocked Verizon phone work on Videotron's network?Thank you for your help with this.

Helix TV app

When using the Helix tv app can you record and view tv? Do you have to pay extra for this feature?

Resolved! Can you change the IP range used by the router?

I plan on installing helix in brdige mode and then just plugging in my network.I have a complex installation with static ipS. DHCP and a separate 10gbe network.All my devices are set to the range to 255 but the router is set to 192.168.0....

tomb181 by Initiate
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Helix Bridge Mode

Hello, I have a question regarding Helix Bridge Mode. My Current setup is as follows: Switch Ports Model              SW Version            SW Image                 ------ ----- -----              ----------            ----------               *    1...

aarmouti by Initiate
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Channels on demand

Why does Vidéotron only have one English channel now. They used to offer global and showcase and now they only have global. I know we live in Quebec but do we not have a right to more English channels?

jocote by Initiate
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Helix not connecting

Can view the channels but cannot get one to play. This is unacceptable during the World Cup. It also doesn’t show the real time. what is going on with Helix? Any other time, I have no problems. Too many people connecting?

helix modem forces wifi setting changes

its the fourth time i have to factory reset my modem because of thisat home i use an hidden ssid setup on the wifi, with no password for convenience and ease of setup when i have visitors. but every so often helix decides to update it itself, with a ...

Channel Paramount

I just added the channel Paramount to my Helix Plan.  How do you have access to this channel ?  I can't find it.  What # is this channel ? 

enyl by Initiate
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No data on PRTNR network

Why is it whenever I go up north I have intermittent coverage. The internet works for a few minutes then it just stops working. Sometimes it shows 3g or E but sometimes it still shows 4g but nothing works. It seems to be some kind of network issue wi...

zkzkz by Initiate
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Helix app sucks in the USA

Videotron's web site claims that the Helix app (android in my case) will play videos ANYWHERE.  Well that's a lie as I am in the US and when I try to play a PVR video in the app (I am logged in with my credentials) says "We've got a location issue.  ...

tuxking by Initiate
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Terminal Helix à 2 adresses

Bonjour,Est-ce possible d’utiliser le terminal Helix pour la télé à deux adresses différentes et qui utilisent Vidéotron? Est-ce lié au compte, un peu comme l’app sur smartphone?Merci

Resolved! 5G coverage in Ottawa?

2 questions: a) Can I get 5G service in Ottawa either directly on Videotron network or roaming on partner network only? b) I just switched from an LTE device to a new 5G device.  I re-used the SIM card from the old device.  Will 5G be supported with ...

teddo by Initiate
  • 7 replies
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