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New Helix Install

I am about to install a Helix Gateway. I also have a videtron homephone modem. It is not mentioned but I am assuming the coax splitter means i don't have to use the ethernet cable from the telephone modem now. Is this correct? Thanks

previous Helix equipment

I am a previous customer of Videotron. I have Helix equipment from previous membership and would like to re-subscribe. Does this mean I will have a discount because I already own the equipment?

hobbwin by Initiate
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previous helix equipment

I am an ex-customer. I kept my Helix equipment and want to re-subscribe with Videotron with a TV + Internet package. Does this mean I will have a discount because I already have the equipment?

hobbwin by Initiate
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Change my phone???

Videotron is telling me I have to change my phone to "avoid any unpleasant surprises" Thing is, my phone, an LG6, works fine and I don't WANT to change it!!! I'm a senior and can't take any hassle.  I use my phone for very little - just ordinary phon...

Resolved! Accessing email through a mobile device

I try to keep this straight to the point.   accessing email through a mobile device such as my Samsung S9+ phone, or my Samsung Tab s4.  I have tried multiple email apps, on both phone and tablet with no success.  Each time says Email/user and or pas...

What do you think about the time change?

This weekend, we will change time between Saturday, March 11, and Sunday, March 12, 2023, at precisely 2 a.m. We’ll move the clock forward, so we’ll lose an hour of sleep.   How does this change makes you feel? Would you like to keep it or abolish it...

VincentQ by Community Manager
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CBC News Network volume on illico HD vs SD

I subscribe to CBC News Network on the illico TV service. When I watch it on the SD channel 18, I can leave the volume set at 28 like most other channels. However, when I switch to HD channel 618, I have to double the volume on my TV to 56 to get the...

Resolved! iPhone XR use in USA

I was told by Videotron that my iPhone XR is not compatible with 5G which is what is used in the States. But I am wondering if they only use 5G or if 4G and LTE are still available with some US carriers and in some States. I am going to Charleston in...

OMG by Initiate
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Resolved! Channel 124

Can we finally have the channel 124 (BET) in High Definition channel (HD)? Channel 724 perhaps!!!

Resolved! Low Resolution on PC(4K monitor)

Why is the resolution so bad(RDS-hockey) when watching on PC.  My monitor is a 32" 4K model. This doesn't even look 720P.  C'mon Helix, this 2023!

JRG55 by Initiate
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Some apps do not work on wifi, but ok on LTE

Hello, I am having a strange issue where some of my applications on my phone are not working when using my Helix wifi, but work normally when I turn off the wifi on my phone and only use LTE. I can browse normally on my phone when on wifi, and other ...

jamesGH by Squire
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First Bills

Good evening. 5 minutes ago I made my first order for installation , it took 198$ from me and it says what its pre-payment. And my next bill will be 180 or something, cause of the installation fee. Will you return this 198$ back after first month or ...

Zans by Initiate
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Club ilico included in the price or not?

The first time I subscribed to Videotron, I thought that club ilico is included in the price they shown on the website and said and confirmed through the phone but I was naive and I was caught off-guard. When they said, for example, $50, I thought it...

fchang by Initiate
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Resolved! Helix fi app

Hello, I had internet problems tonight, so I started messing around with my phone and checking Helix Fi app.Long story short, I paused my cell phone using my Helix Fi app.  Now I cannot use my phone internet  to unpause it,I need to use the Helix fi ...

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