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Resolved! Ok I do not understand why I can not access the CTV go app

I am trying and trying to understand and find out how to watch the ctv streaming app. There is not even a place for videotron users to log in from on the site. Is that normal? Before I switched to Helix I was able to watch CTV shows from my Illico bo...

mauier by Initiate
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Samsung Galaxy S22

HI I have a Samsung Galaxy S22;  and videotron internet servicesThe Helix Fi installed without any issue; but the Helix TV app won't install.I've tried remove and re-installing several times.The error message says:"lets try that again: 500. We aren't...

fboffice by Initiate
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Port Forwarding

Yesterday I tried to ascertain why the pert forwarding I had set up over a year ago had become unstable. I logged into my Helix Modem/Router and went to the Port Forwarding section of the Advanced settings. I added an additional port forward entry bu...

rvferro1 by Initiate
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Resolved! When your children out smart you...

I’ve set my children up with downtime timers on the Helix Fi app. Only issue is my daughter can get on and change her downtimes, unpause her devices and she’s even renamed her devices and assigned ours to hers… to the point I ended up turning my own ...

Kalley by Initiate
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Selon le site de Vidéotron, certains canaux ne peuvent pas être “streamés” de l’appli Helix vers Chromecast. Lesquels?

More Questions about Channel Availability and Features

This is SIMILAR to the bilingual version under the French section, but now I also wonder if BBC World News & France 24 are still SD under Helix TV, just as the indication under

st0106 by Viking
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Resolved! cable modem connected to ethernet switch.

I have an Arris TM822G cable modem that connects to Videotron Internet; not sure of the specifics. When I connect a PC directly to it, the PC receives a public IP address on a /24 subnet. When I attempt a 2 client network, only one PC will work at a ...

Resolved! Helix fi app

Hello, I had internet problems tonight, so I started messing around with my phone and checking Helix Fi app.Long story short, I paused my cell phone using my Helix Fi app.  Now I cannot use my phone internet  to unpause it,I need to use the Helix fi ...

Resolved! Helix fi channel

Hi.I would like to know if any body know how to change the channel on the helix fi admin account. Its actually on the channel 11 and I have to much people around me on the same channel. I've try to change it manually but everytime I want to save it t...

Cptn by Initiate
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Where did TV listing go

I used to be able my Videotron TV listings at, no more where did it go? I don`t want the app I want to access guide from my PC.

Where did the TV guide go

I used to be able the TV guide from my computer at, it`s not there anymore and I don`t want the app for the phone, where can I access Videotron TV listings ?


Selon le site de Vidéotron, certains canaux ne peuvent pas être “streamés” de l’appli Helix vers Chromecast. Lesquels?

FireTV and not Fire stick

HiI purchased a tv with Firetv built in. Searched for Helix app and does not list as an app. It is available on fire stick. When will a version for Firetv be available?

FIFA World Cup with Videotron | illicoweb

For those who are looking for streaming link for the world cup at work, did you know that you can watch RDS on this link : If you have on your package, you can watch online and HD, everywhere. Hope it helps...

yass05 by Super utilisateur
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Resolved! Helix TV Blacks Out

Whilst watching any channel on Helix TV, the screen will black out including the sound and return within a minute. It does this constantly. I have had a t4echnician come and do their thing and they even replaced the Helix device but still it continue...

ngraddon by Initiate
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