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Re: Unlimited Music
Hi JenniferM, For some reason my response that I wrote last week does not appear, so I'll post another response... I re-read the letter, and yes you are correct and the "...may show more data consumption than is included in your plan" does appear as a foot note at the bottom of the letter instead of the body of the letter.   However, the wording is poor and not very clear.  The phrasing of that sentence is wrong.  "Consumption" would be interpretted as using or used data and not as additional data.  "Allocated" would have been a more proper word indicating addtional data.  When I discussed with 2 other Videotron users, they also could not link the +8GB to this either.  When the +8GB did appear, we all assumed Videtron decided to treat all users the same and allocate the same amount to all.  There was no text from Videotron to users that the +8GB was added temporarily (in the same matter that Videotron texted users that it was temporary and now being removed).   The sampling period is also unfair.  While the sampling period appears to be long, people who joined later had less time.  As example, I joined in March 2017 which only gave me a few months. Anyways, as mentioned ealier, just my $0.02. Regards,
Re: Unlimited Music
Hi JenniferM,You're right, but it is very obscurely stated by the wording of "...may show more data..." and not very clear since it's in the small foot note and not the body of the letter.   PR wise, Videotron could have made it clear in a text to all users that Videotron is temporary providing you with +8GB as we transition (when it was applied) in the same manner in which you are texting users that the +8GB is now being removed and replaced by the addon described in the original letter.   Three others that I know who received the letter and the +8GB increase did not know it was temporary.  We all assumed it was done because Videotron decided to treat everyone the same and give everyone the same amount.As per others who have commented, the sampling period doesn't seem fair.   I didn't join Videotron until March 2017 so I only had a few months.   How is that fair compared to folks that had it longer when establishing the addon?I don't even come close to using 1/2 my base data limit, so I would never hit the cap, but rather it's more of a principle issue on how this was handled and treated.As per my comment earlier, a user paying $4x.xx/month with 14GB of data (BYOD) would never leave.   The adage being "it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it".  Now with simple number porting and subsequent automatic cancellation, a user with 7GB month will stay until a better 6/7GB offer comes along and move.Have a good long weekend/Thanksgiving.Regards.
Re: After unlimited music shut down
Hi W1M, I agree with you.   I had also posted a more lenghty comment in the "Unlimited Music" thread. People who heavily used (or exploited) the unlimited plan are rewarded with more data. I think this is a bad PR move from Videtron.  Videotron is known for their customer service/support and being a leader with their plans in Quebec and the National Captical Region.  This re-adjustment is more indicative of a Bell and/or Rogers move (that's not a compliment).
Re: Unlimited Music
Hi, Unfortuntely, the "temporary" 8GB data was not articulated very well.  Myself and three other Videtron customers, I had talked to, had never received any notification that the +8GB was temporary when it was implemented. I have since received a text from Videtron stating the +8GB was only temporary and it would be reduced to the amount identified on the physical letter I had received earlier this summer.  Less than a week after the text,  my billing cycle occured, I have lost the +8GB, but received the +1GB per the physical letter. People who did not exploit the "unlimited" usage are the ones to receive the least benefit (i.e. +1GB).   Chances are the folks are never going to hit their new data limit.   So what was the harm of leaving the +8GB?   It is/was a huge public relations coup for Videotron against their competitors.  With the added data, people would never give up their Videotron plan and switch to a competitor.   You would retain all those custormers.  Now, those folks with +1GB, will just wait until the next best offer comes along.  There won't be a call to customer retention/service, but rather a visit to a competitor's store, start a plan there, and simply port the phone number, resulting in the cancellation of the previous plan. Yes, if everyone used the new data capacity to the limit, you might have network capacity issues, but chances of that are mid-to-low (given that people don't usually change their habits).   While I understand the risks associated with network data capacity management, you could have also split the difference and move all users to +4GB.   Everyone is treated the same and not reward the ones that expoited the "unlimited" usage. I believe Videtron dropped the ball on this in the form of custormer retention and satisfaction. Just my $0.02.