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Harmony Remote-Helix Compatibility


I'm an illico subscriber thinkinig of upgrading to Helix. I have 3 TVs and illico terminals. All my TVs are setup with Harmony remotes (2 900s and an Elite). I use it to turn on TV/illico, TV/Apple TV, TV/DVD, TV/Nintendo Switch. I also have a powered soundbar on one TV. Everything works nicely with the Harmony remotes. I really like the Helix system but I don't want to go back to using multiple remotes all the time.


Will the Helix box work with the Harmony remotes? What set top box do you select in the Harmony software (make, model) if Helix is not listed? If it does work, are there any features, besides the voice commands that won't work on the Harmony?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! It -could- work but we can't promise it. The device is an ARRIS XI6. You can also select other X1 platforms like Rogers Ignite, Comcast Xfinity, etc. 

Voice search won't work, but other features should.

I have a old Harmony 1100 remote and tried to pair with my new Helix system using Comcast xi6 and it doesn't work. Should I try Arris x16?

I have an Harmony 1100 and tried to control Helix using comcast xi6 as the videotron technician told me but it doesn't work. should I use Arris xi6?

is the Arris xi6 the same as comcast xi6 as I tried the comcast xi6 with Harmony 1100 and it doesn't work.