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Velop Mesh wifi compatability with Helix

I am currently using Linksys Velop Mesh (3 atennas) with my current system. If I go to Helix is my sytem still compatible? I have a very large coverage. THx


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi Allardjm, if you use your own router, you could use it with our Helix gateway but, with the bridge mode activated in our gateway. Your WiFi connection will work but let's say you decide to also take our Helix TV service, the remote voice commands won't work with bridge mode. Hope this answers your question.

Just to add on the previous question, if you are using a Mesh system in your house and connect it to Helix, you are losing the voice capabilities of HELIX TV, is that it? I am about to sign up with Helix but I do not want to loose access to my Mesh system that cover my entire house. Thanks for clarifying.

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Moderator - Solution Expert


Below, all the disadvantages to have bridge mode ON:

1- The advanced features of the Helix terminal are disabled (Parental control, Band Steering, etc.)

2- Helix Fi application is not functional

3- Our Wi-Fi relays cannot be used

4- No support during a problem with the Helix TV channels and / or the Wi-Fi network

Hope it clarifies.


I have the Linksys Velop 3 brand and it works fine with Helix. I do not have it setup as "bridge" mode as far as I know. I still have access to Helix FI and I still have parental controls. I do have a seperate WIFI though, one for Velop and one for Videotron. 

Hi !

I have an Orbi mesh.

If I put the Helix Gateway to Bridge Mode, will the Helix TV Terminal still access the Gateway?

What if I connect the Helix TV Terminal to my Orbi Mesh instead...that would work?

And how would I go about changing the network on my Helix TV Terminal to my Orbi Mesh?

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello mcicc!


If the Heilx Gateway is in Bridge mode, Helix TV terminals will no longer access the Gateway's Wi-Fi. Instead, it will be necessary to manually connect them to your own router's Wi-Fi. 


Any router-type device that has the capacity to provide a Wi-Fi network and an IP Adress (which means it can act as a DHCP server) should work. 


Here is the procedure to manually connect a Helix TV terminal to a specific Wi-Fi network : 

1. Press and hold the "Exit" button on the remote for 5 seconds
2. Press the "Down" arrow twice
3. Enter the following digits : 9, 4, 3, 4
4. Select the desired Wi-Fi Network and press OK/Select (round button in the middle of the remote)
5. Enter the Password and confirm
6. The Helix TV terminal should connect to the Wi-Fi network. 


If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Service by phone or online chat. You will find our contact info at the following page : 


Have a great evening! 




Is it possible to deactivate the helix wifi without using the bridge fonction and would it be a good way to use a Velop system without loosing the helix voice functions?

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Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi JMRoy,


The reason to get the Helix gateway is to have WiFi and also a wired connection with the ethernet ports. The only way to override this would be the bridge mode with another router. 

With the gateway in bridge mode can you plug the helix tv terminal into your own router instead of using wireless?  Meaning hardwire the helix tv box into your own router using an RJ45 cable