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Stingray channel numbers on Helix




I have just switched from Illico to Helix, and the first thing I discovered was that all of the channel numbers have changed! 

Of course, the common advice is that I "just have to talk into the remote", but this isn't always practical, for a number of reasons, including:

1) I use a universal remote (Harmony Ultimate Home), which now must be reprogrammed

2) I don't always have the TV on, i.e. I often listen to Stingray Music, so stream directly to my stereo. 


So my main question is: Where can I get a listing of all of the Helix channels, with channel numbers? (yes, I can weave my way through my account to see the page with all of the icons, but I must hit "Details" for each, to see the channel number.

I have been all over the Internet, Videotron "help" pages, and this forum, and I keep landing on the Illico channels, which are different.


To add to the above - and this may be most important - Where can I find the list of Stingray channels on Helix?  Even the "My Channels" page in my account does not list Stingray stations. For instance, The Blues on Illico Stingray was 529, and on Helix it's 544.


Thank you!



Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello @AnimeTron,


Unfortunately, there is currently no page that lists all the channels and positions in one place. Indeed, you can retrieve this information after a few manipulations by the online account or even directly by the time guide of the Helix receiver. A workaround in the meantime could be to add these channels to your program guide favorites and then change the guide's display to select the "Favourites" list to sort unnecessary channels. We can understand, however, that it would be very convenient to have access to such a list and we pass the suggestion on to the product team. Regarding the Stingray positions, they are between positions 504 and 564.


Thank you, Patrick, for your response (as disappointing as it is), and for passing it on to the prod/dev team.

Seems a pretty basic and simple thing to do, to produce and publish a page with your offerings. Not everyone can or wants to "talk to the remote", or hunt through a video guide (even if filtered).

I'm aware, of course, of the manual approaches you've suggested, and where Stingray is on the "dial", I was just hoping for something simpler. 

Ah, well. C'est la vie!





So, 2 years later, and it doesn't look like the prod/dev team has seen fit to address the issue that a proper listing of Helix TV channels with numbers is not available as it is with Illico. Am I the only one needing this? (I doubt it, but maybe I'm the only one who's mentioned it).

At present, the only way is to go to the "Modify your channel selection" (must be logged in, and the more generic "view channels" has no numbers), and click the "Details" of every single icon and copy from there; even so, some icons which contain multiple 'channels' (e.g. TSN, RDS) only pop up a list of the contained channels (TSN1+TSN2+TSN3 etc), no numbers.

The "Listings" page seemed promising, but one cannot cut/paste from that page, and any channel also available on "Helix Go" just says that, no channel.


Seems a simple thing to complile (and update, when there are changes) a straight-forward table showing channels and numbers, no?



Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello AnimeTron,


We can confirm that we do not have plans at the moment to include this fonction but we thank you for taking the time to submit your upgrade idea.


Good day.