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Outage - CBS and NBC (maybe others)


Outage - CBS and NBC (maybe others)

What the heck is going on that these stations are off the air? What kind of technical problem could last this long?


Having the same problem here, been about 24 hrs and my wife is mad because This Is Us didnt record.


It's not Videotron's fault. On Tuesday there was a fire on a transmission tower that damaged an antenna used by WCAX and WPTZ (see the article here). In this article on WCAX's website they say that they're getting temporary antennas tonight (Wednesday, Nov. 20) and will be going to the transmission tower tomorrow to assess the damage.


Was never finger pointing.  Just wondered what was going on when all I see on my screen is "We are currently having technical problems ...."

Thanks for your reply. Now I know the cause.

Thanks for the info.

I thought the problem was solved but now I am getting the wrong program on those channels (not the program showing in the guide). 

 Thanks for the info. 

 I thought the channels were back but I am still having a problem. There is a program being broadcast but it is not the one showing in the guide. 

Correct. In my case it should be NBC plattsburgh but Videotron is showing NBC Detroit instead. I realized by not showing MACYS Thanksgivig parade, but local detroit parade??? Also shows are not as whown in the guide.

Anybody else in this situation?

Is this because of that Tower fire reported in Vermont?



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Hi cbalderr. Regarding the Detroit feed on NBC, it's a redirected feed because of the tower fire. As soon as the tower is up an running in Vermont, the right feed will be shown. Have yourself a good day! 


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I have read that the replacement antenna is now broadcasting in Vermont. Is there a way to get our channels back? I pay for these channels to see certain NFL games that are broadcasted in Vermont and now I may not have access to see these games. I always seem to have issues with the American channels.

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