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Current Galaxy Note 8 Pricing


So after spending significant time on the chat tool with Customer Service to no avail, I was wondering if anyone here could provide accurate information to me in regards to the Note 8 pricing through Videotron.


My situation:


On a month to month plan right now that is $69.95 (12GB) plan before a $15 month multi-line discount (I currently pay $54.95/month)


I would like to go on a 2 year contract with the Note 8. I know the 2 year contract pricing for my current plan will then go to $94.95 before the mult-line discount if I take a phone. What I would like to know is how much the Note 8 would be, based on how much my 2 year monthly fee would be.




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Super utilisateur

I don't work in the sales departement but would this page be any help?

It seems to give the price of a phone based on the selected requirements.