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Helix to old tv: HDMI to RCA converter box - which one are you using?


Hi, I have changed my Videotron account to Helix but I have an old analog TV (tube).  This is causing the TV images to be a bit bigger then the TV screen and all Helix menus are 2x the size of the TV screen.


The tech said I need to buy an HDMI to 3RCA converter but the one I bought does not work.  I think its because it does not have an NTSC/PAL switch on it.   I ordered one at Amazon (haven't received it yet) but I noticed its power is from an USB plug that has to be on a PC.  Apparently the majority of those converters sold by Amazon are getting their power that way.  I could not find this elsewhere.   I would need to use a USB power adapter but I hope the watts will be OK.


So in the mean time, for those that are in the same situation, what converter did you get and from where (assuming it does the job right)?


I know I should buy a flat screen tv but my current budget is low.  I switched to Helix to save money.  I will get one later but right now don't tell me this.