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Unlimited data plan

So ive got a plan with videotron when they first started offering mobile service which gives me unlimited data. The last few years its been a nightmare they keep trying to get me off my plan. They tell me i cant have lte or 5g cause im on an old plan, and when i travel to toronto the overage fees even when my data is off is minimum 100$ for a few days and thats with data turned off. Now i tried to add the daily travel option they told me i cant do it again unless i change my plan and lose my unlimited data plan. Im at my wits end with this company ive been loyal to them for over 10 years i buy phones from them, i guess they dont appreciate loyal customers. So what im asking is if anyone else is experiencing this and what they are doing about it, because im about to switch to a rogers infinite plan for 200g a month only 65$ and right now im payin 80$ a month but if you leave quebec on my current plan you get overages right away so the novelty is wearing off plus being on 4g affects my service as it switches towers constantly. Just trying to reach out here and see if anyone has any suggestions cause i will cancel my service but i wont sign up with them again thats for sure, unless they can accommodate me, any recommendations would be appreciated thanks in advance

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Good day @Starmac99,


We have read your message and we would like to access your account in order to carry out further verifications. We invite you to contact us privately via Facebook Messenger, Instagram, X or Google this way, we will be able to access your account securely.


Looking forward to chatting with you, have a great day ! 

Who are you exactly?

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

A videotron agent m Starmac99. We would like to validate the situation directly from your account with you.