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Overage data fees credited if you have a power outage due to the ice storm

Rédacteur Web

Many of you took advantage of the lifting of the mobile data limit announced during the ice storm! The initiative will end today, April 16, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. As a reminder: the credit will be applied during the April-May billing cycle. There is no need for you to take action. Thank you!


In the current context, Videotron would like to reassure you that our teams are mobilized and working to restore service as soon as possible. Because our customers are at the heart of our concerns, we announce this measure:


If you are a Videotron Internet customer, also have a Mobile plan with us and do not currently have access to Internet, all excess data used to help you meet your needs during the power outage going on now will automatically be credited.


You do not have to contact us. The adjustment will be made automatically during your next billing cycle (April-May).


With if my is Fido and I had to use my data all day to work

I would like to get reimbursed for my home internet helix
Not fair to us we lost work and not watching our favorite shows or else we will consider on canceling.
Unacceptable we should've had internet till now videotron should've been prepared for this kind of interruption

I have power, but internet does not work

When the internet service will be restored?!

The mobility coverage it's playing Seesaw on my mobile phone and calls are being dropped in the middle of conversations!!!!

We are aware of the situation and our technicians are working hard to get all of our network back online. hopefully it's already resolved for you. 

Down again? Came back for a few hours then nothing this morning... 

No internet or tv, your chat is disabled and calling technical phone number gives instant busy, not even available to leave a message or get updates! Is this normal customer service for you?

Bonjour, avez-vous une estimation du temps anticipé pour rétablir l'Internet et le câble?

My home internet is finally back but you've cut off my cell data because I reached my data limit, so how can I possible go over. Please don't make promises with one hand without telling the other hand. Please explain how this is good customer service

Still no service in TMR!!

Hi @Alvaro  we can only offer credit to our clients that have both Internet and mobile phone with us. You could check with Fido for the data. 


Having more than one services with us has it's avantages. 

Hi @Diondelazante , I'm sure you will aknowledge that this kind of sudden ice storm is rare in Quebec, like Hydro-Quebec and many other companies we try to alleviate as much as possible the inconvenience of such an act of freak weather. We heed our clients to be patient as our technicians are working extra hard to make sure our network is back online for everyone. 


Thank you for your understanding in this more than unusual situation. 

Hi @Evaw and @amahayri


There is multiple internet shortage currently due to the many electrical failures and the damage caused by the ice storm. Our technicians are working really hard to get everything back on track. 


Although the situation is far from ideal, we hope to resolve it in a timely manner. 


but it will require some patience while this situation resolves. 

As you can probably guess, our customer service is oversolicitated currently given the situation. As I mentionned previously we are working hard to alleviate the inconveniences of this unusual situation and to bring our entire network back online. 

Bonjour @JulieV  il est encore difficile de donner une estimation du temps compte tenu qu'il y a plusieurs secteurs en cours de rétablissement pour différentes régions. La meilleure façon d'avoir plus de détails sur votre situation personnelle reste de vous armer de patience et de communiquer avec nos services téléphoniques ou par clavardage. 

Hi @marclavigne there is indeed a automatic block of cell data if you go over your usage by a signicative ammount. You can learn all about it and how you can remove this block here: 


Hopefully that answers your questions. 

No, that is not helpful at all. I have to use the Customer Centre app on my phone to access my account, to make the changes, BUT I CAN'T BECAUSE I HAVE NO DATA!!!! The app does not work via wifi. Please explain how this is at all helpful to me

I'm unfortunately not able to modify that for you on the forum here as we cannot identify you as a client. I would then suggest that you contact us by phone so we can check that for you. Sorry for the inconvenience and I'm sure that you understand that in any other circumstances you would be glad to have these blockages on your data to avoid a really expensive overusage bill. Thank you for your understanding.  

07 April.  Vincent, maybe you can explain  this to me - Yesterday I called Customer Care (on phone with a nice guy to whom I complained about charges for data  limits. (I DONT HAVE  A DATA PLAN EXCEPT WHAT I GET with WIFI.!!! He eventually me a $25 credit - I said I wanted full credit!  Again I was put on hold, and he came back saying all charges would be credited.  (I was on the phone almost 2 hours fighting for this) . How discouraging it was sto continue!!! So today I see an announcement that those extra charges will be reimbursed for everyone.

I'm sure this happened to many people and that many complained. I can't help but be skeptical of the motives of turning on your data, without any prior notification, when you do not even have DATA. Maybe I just don't understand the technology?  Any thoughts on this?

On a positive least someone who was very caring, patient, and reliable (to get back to me) answered the phone at Videotron and with a great deal of pressure from me, finally gave me an answer.