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Partner Network Use



I'm in Ottawa for university, and I really need to get a phone plan, and Videotron has looked really appealing. Their "home" network is only Ottawa/Montreal, and doesn't include areas south such as Toronto. I read somewhere that if you use the partner network for three months, they cancel your service. Is this true? I don't mind if service degrades after a while (For data at least, my phone can only get 3G anyway), but if I get kicked off, then Videotron won't be an option. The reason why I'm asking is because I was looking to work in Toronto over the summer, and I need to know if Videotron is an option. Also, are there any extra fees for using the partner network?





As long as you have Rogers coverage, you can use their network as if you were on Videotron's towers. 


If you are in an area where you only get Telus/Bell, than your monthly usage cannot exceed 50% on these networks for three consecutive months. 


When your away from the Videotron network, your phone will display PRNTR1 or PRNTR2. Here's how to tell what is what:


PRNTR1 is Rogers

PRNTR2 is Telus and Bell

Okay cool! Videotron it is! Thank you!