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4k PVR Issue (recordings cut short)

My 4K HDPVR is having the issue whereby a program seems to have recorded only then when you play it back does it only show may be 1 min or 30 seconds and then stops playing skips right to the end. I have restarted my terminal and it was ok for may be 1 week and then the problem re-occured. It is very annoying and this should not happen. is there any insight as to what is causing this and any permanent solution?

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello nmanstavich! 


This is most likely a known bug, but as we do not have access to your account or to your services from this community site, it is not possible to perform a technical diagnosis using this means of communication.


We invite you to contact our Technical Support by phone or online chat so we can verify this situation for you. You will find our contact information here : 


Have a great day!