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helix bridge mod - android app performance


helix bridge mod - android app performance



hoping someone might be able to help!


i recently got the Helix hardware and opted to use my linksys EA7500.


In short, several android apps on my phone and tablet no longer function properly. Apps like the weather network fail to load data and end up "loading" indefinitely. Uber eats, kindle and Wikipedia all load very slowly. This never happened with the Illico system. Oddly my iphone apps work perfectly.


to be clear, here are some tests i made to see what i can discover:

- apps on android work fine on LTE

- it ONLY happens when using the bridge mode (regular helix wifi works fine on said apps)

- iphone seems unaffected

- i have tried rebooting, resetting etc several times to no avail

it seems the issue has something to do with the helix modem in bridge mode and the signal my android devices are receiving.


anyone have any solutions (other than tossing out my linksys router)

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