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Increasing delay or pause time on a recorded show.


While watching a recorded show, if I put it on "pause" or "hold" the time seems to be quite short.  It starts to play again all by itself.    I would like to increase the time period of the "hold" but I cannot find any setting to allow this.  Where would I look to change this parameter.  Second issue is, I have to press "mute" twice in order to get the system to "mute"......  Can this be changed?   It would be nice if it "muted" on the first press.   Third issue -  On live TV - if I press "mute" the sound comes back on rather quickly - how and where can I change that setting - or is it not possible.


Thank you for any assistance,



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Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Good day. 


Unfortunately it is not possible to change the delay at which the PAUSE mode is active. As for the other issues, it could be that your remote has an issue. You could try to reset the remote by doing the following : Hold down both the 'A' and the 'D' buttons for 5 seconds.  After that, enter 9, 8, 1.  


After that's done, you'll have to pair the remote with the TV, so make sure that your Helix terminal is visible, as you'll have to point directly to it with the remote in order to pair it with your TV. Here's how to pair the remote with your TV : Press the HELIX button on your remote, and go in the settings on the right (cogwheel) > Remote Settings > Voice remote pairing.


Finally, if you're still experiencing sound issues after that was done, we would suggest that you check the sound parameters of your TV, as the VOLUME and MUTE fonctions are controlled by the TV itself rather than the terminal. For further assistance, please contact our tech support. You can join us here :



Thank you for your response.  Had you read my posts you would know that I have already done what you are suggesting as a "fix".    It is way more involved that what you are suggesting to pair the remote with the TV.  I have already been through that and have reported on the troubles with that here in this forum.  There are no parameters on either my soundbar or on the TV for the time to set for a "pause".

I would like to report to all others who are considering switching to Helix.  Don't.... Stay with Illico...What they don't tell you is that you will no longer be able to stop a recorded show indefinitely.  You will no longer be able to mute live or recorded shows with only one press of the mute button.  You will no longer stay where you are when you paused a recorded show -  after a few minutes it flips out to live tv and then you have to set up your show again.  You will no longer be able to control your viewing of recorded shows with the stop button as it rewinds various amounts of times and you have to  now scan forward to get to where you want and it doesn't stop where and or when you press stop.  You get all these problems and it costs you more money.  So until these problems get sorted out stay with Illico or Bell or Rogers or whatever company you are with.  Save yourself all this aggravation.  No doubt once these things get sorted out it will be a good service.  But for now I see myself paying more for nothing but problems.  This is a switch I wish I had never done.  

I also see  here in this Community Forum, that I am not the only one reporting on all of these problems.  This leads me to wonder with all the "techy" people that are employed at Videotron/Helix why are these issues not being fixed?   Or if they are working on it why is it taking so long to come up with a fix?

Still not happy, and still cannot report "problem resolved."

Also - Paying more and getting less really rubs me the wrong way.  Enough so that I want to put all this in writing.    Once these issues are fixed I will be one of the first ones to be happy and report it here.  In the meanwhile I keep paying more for less.

Still not happy and still no problems resolved.