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New Illico recordings are not properly sorted by date


I'm an Illico subscriber with the Samsung GX-VD940CJ PVR.


Since December 4, I've been having a problem with the sorting of new recordings by date.  Specifically, all new recordings are placed at the bottom of the list of recordings instead of at the top (i.e. they are considered "older" than anything else I've recorded previously, going back several years).  For series episodes that are grouped together in the recordings list, new episodes are similarly placed at the bottom.  Only items that were recorded since December 4 are properly sorted in the list, albeit at the bottom (for example, a December 11 recording will appear before a December 5 recording, but both are at the very end of the list).


I know that recorded items store their full recording date (including year) internally, even though only the month and day are displayed in the recordings list.  So it's likely that, since December 4 at least, the incorrect YEAR is being stored with my recorded items, resulting in the screwed-up date orders.


I've already tried rebooting the PVR by unplugging it for 60 seconds, which did not fix anything.  If the issue is only on my side, is there something I can do, apart from factory-resetting the PVR and losing dozens of saved recordings, which I do *NOT* want to do?


Is it possible that something was accidentally changed on Videotron's side, where new recordings are given a default year of "1969" for example?


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There's a thread on the french side of the forum where they mention this exact same scenario and that it's due to an illico update. 


Was it intentionnal or an unnexpected feature, no idea. Tech support might have a better idea.


EDIT :: Sorry, it was on reddit, not here.


Thank you for this information.  I didn't know there was an Illico update on Dec. 4 that is most likely the cause of my recording problem.


I guess I will be contacting tech support for guidance.