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Why can't we carry over unused data? We paid for it.

I received a warning that I was about to go over my data limit and encouraged to either buy a block for $50 or upgrade my mobile plan. Either way, it was going to cost me more money. Then I looked at my previous two months' consumption  and  found I had only used 65% in one month and 75% the other, for a total of 1.4gb of unused data.

My question to the community is: please explain to me why can't we carry over data that we have paid handsomely for, but didn't use?  Thank you.


Did anyone from Videotron ever reply to your question?

Rédacteur Web

Hi @bartletts


Our mobile plans offer a monthly data usage. This amount of data is included in the price of your plan every month and reset every month at your billing due date.   


We offer many ways to monitor your data and to react accordingly in order to avoid extra fees if you see that you will go over for a given month. 


You can find all the informations on your moblie data and how to manage it in the support section of our website here:


Nonetheless, we will forward your suggestion to the appropriate department. 


Vincent Quigley 

Your Community Manager