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On the 23rd of August 2022, I received a Sales agent with her supervisor (I have her first name) for two hours of my time, waiting for her system to work and solving technical problems on her tablet; we discussed the service I needed.


We concluded that I would get HELIX 400 at a good price, including tax, with an indeterminate period (open contract). the sales agent did set up an e-mail for me on the Videotron website and created a password to access my space ( the access was not working until the seconds I was writing my complaint.


The most important parts in the contract signed, which I kept a copy are:

Paid deposit of 45$

( price)$ including tax and HELIX 400, no installation fees or equipment fees.

Technician to come in the 1st of September.

contract number: ( ask me about it)

Wrong address is in the file (I knew it accidentally after visiting the store), meaning if there is any service, as explained by her on the 1st of September, they will go to the wrong place.

I went to the store based on advice from one of your agents the next day to the 23rd of August when I started reading the contract, and I did not find most of the promised details she discussed with me.

I went to the store. I met with the manager, Mr. Nick ( I have his full name and workplace address), and we discussed the situation; I even put her over the phone. She said she would be able to deliver what she promised, she asked me to send her my e-mail to rectify everything in the contract and send me a copy (the 24th of August) which she did not, and I kept waiting the whole day to receive the e-mail.

On the 25th of August, I tried to contact her two times, and she ignored the calls and yet I did not receive the e-mail she claimed she would send, including the details she promised during the (sale deal at my house).

I kept trying to contact the company, and finally, a gentleman/agent called Danial helped me; he offered to rectify the errors, but he could not give me the previously discussed deal with the sales agent; Mr. Danial was very professional and understanding when I apologized to him and insisted on complaining about the situation.

I find it frustrating how my business relationship with the company started; I lost a lot of my time trying to understand and rectify errors made by one unprofessional employee of yours.

I wonder why the company sent untrained, unprofessional to our homes trying to sell us products; they could not even set up a profile adequately.

I can even say that if the deal she confirmed with the manager Mr. Nick over the phone and with me during the sale did not go through; then we are in front of an unethical situation which I wonder if the company accepts.


I contacted the satisfaction department, which they said would find a solution; after a few days of them contacting me every time promising a solution, and despite that, I provided them with the name of the agent and her supervisor and the store manager they eventually said they would not solve the problem because that is the satisfaction agent manager decision. so why did you waste my time!?

they said I should wait for a phone call from the manager of this agent. 


Finally, I can sum up my experience with the company in two words (VERY FRUSTRATING).


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert


We're really sorry to hear about your recent experience. We will contact you in private in order to discuss this with you.

Thank you.