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Paying down the device balance

I got a moto g stylus in December 

 and pay $45 a month for 2 plus 2 GB data.  the device balance is $320.  When I was a Rogers customer every month the device balance owing was reduced over the 24 month contract.   My video from invoices don't seem to include any payment to paying down device balance.  how does it get paid off?






Super utilisateur
Super utilisateur

gets payed montly for 24 months.

A portion of your monthly plan is to cover the balance of the phone.

thanks i dont see that on my invoice though, i dont see how much if any amount is going towards the device, also my device balance has never changed on the last two invoices

You can see the remaining balance on the phone if you go in your user center and chose "change device".


I know what balance is, it just never changes, so I fon think I'm paying it off