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Videotron just giving me a ball and chain?

So it seems that the Helix router is completely useless unless you subscribe to Videotron's internet service?


So instead of renting the equipment to the user like a normal internet company and providing a simple braindead *modem*, videotron insists on *selling* you a Helix router.


If you look on Kijiji, you can find a bunch of people selling their already paid-for Helix routers for anywhere from $50 to $150. If anyone is perusing this forum, do not accept the contract to purchase a Helix router from Videotron. Just buy one from someone on Kijiji.


You will save money. You are not obligated to use one provided directly from Videotron. Don't let them continue to produce eWaste.


I'm cancelling my service. Wanna buy my router? 😄