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Shaking with anger at Videotron - multiple screw ups


Let me preface this entire post by saying that up to this point, Videotron has been pretty good to me so far, up until this weekend with antics that they pulled


I have been a Videotron customer since March 2017, and up until this weekend the experience has been exceedingly positive. There were a few glitches here and there, but everything was usually solved on their end. 


This weekend, because of the positive experience, I decided to go and bring more business to Videotron by bringing 5 family members over to get their mobile lines with Videotron. 


I waited over an hour at the St Laurent kiosk, as initially there was confusion between the store and customer service about how to create a new account for me. The wait time was fine, as there were other people and they were busy. When I left the store, they had given me 5 sim cards with 5 new lines, I had signed my documents for the activations and they sent me on my merry way. I need to point out that there was a promotion plan that I took out for one of the lines, exclusive to the Ottawa area, for 6GB + 2GB for $67.95/month BYOD. 


Here is where all hell broke loose and absolutely left me fuming. 


The next day (Sunday), as I was not able to test out the new numbers the previous night, I popped the sim cards into my Videotron phone, only to find out that there is no service as the SIM cards haven't been activated yet. One after another, I find out all the SIM cards have not been activated, so I called customer service. A gentleman on the line then tells me that NONE of my lines were activated and told me that I would have to wait 24 hours to have my lines activated. Let me repeat this, after all the documents I signed and the new cellphone numbers assigned to me, NOTHING was activated after 24 hours, requiring a further 24 hours for things to get working. 


This morning, I tested the SIM cards again and lo and behold, the SIM cards are working! BUT WAIT! The phone numbers don't match what was assigned to me! This time I go over to the chat, and I find out that Videotron created a new account number and assigned new numbers to me, without informing me. Remember the promotion plan I had discussed earlier? the 6GB + 2GB plan exclusive to Ottawa and for which is written into the agreement I had signed? They can't apply that promotion to my account because and I quote:


"I verified with the other department and you will need to go back to the store for them to apply the discount. You will need to bring your contract with you so then they can apply it. It would have been my pleasure to make the correction for you. However, since the contract was made for the other account, and no notes are in the new account, I cannot apply the 2 GB data package promotion"



- Having inititally messed up my activations

- Having me wait 48 hours to receive the product for which I signed up for 

- Having a new account created and new numbers assigned without informing me 

- NOT having the right product for which I signed up for and NOT being able to fix the issues they created


Yep that's right, I now have to go back to the store on my own time to get this sorted out. And the real cherry on the cake? The person left the chat session when i had further questions. 


I will update this post with more updates, if and when everything gets resolved and how Videotron approaches this. 




Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello evoMR, 


we'll contact you via private message regarding the situation. 


So Just wanted to update everyone here:


I received a call from a consumer relations agent who took a look at my account and concurred with me that errors were made and that they honor what I signed up for and would fix everything. This agent was nothing short of spectacular in addressing all of my issues and complaints, and for resolving all outstanding issues. She was also quite thorough in going through my account and actually fixed a few things the other reps missed.


I will say that this rep saved a customer, as the level frustration beforehand was getting quite high.


While I wish these issues didn't occur to begin with, I'm happy with the resolution. In my previous experience with Rogers, they would have just told me to go somewhere else.