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5G Frequencies used by Videotron


Hi everyone,


I have a Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G that I bought in France. I understand that at this stage every country is using different 5G frequencies to deploy their own 5G network.


As a result, I would like to know if anyone is aware of the 5G frequencies used by Videotron? And if my Samsung would be compatible with 5G network here in Canada?


If it is not compatible, will a firmware update (Operator) solve the problem with frequency? Or I will have to change a new phone?


Thanks a lot!!


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello daijia,


Currently, Videotron's 5G network uses the same band as the LTE network (1700Mhz and 2100 Mhz). 


We cannot confirm if your specific device is compatible since devices bought in different markets may support different bands. This information should be available in your device's specifications. If the device is not compatible, a firmware update will not resolve the issue, as band compatibility is hardware and not software. 


Should that be the case, it will be necessary to obtain a compatible device.


I hope this helps!




Which 5G bands specifically does Videotron use? Several bands use the 1700 and 2100 MHz ranges. Furthermore, one site mentioned, that ranges other than 1700 and 2100 MHz are now being used.