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Access to RDS/TSN through their apps/sites not included despite subscribing through Helix TV App?

We recently moved to the Helix TV App from the old Illico box, and I am used to being able to watch multiplex streams for tennis on the RDS/TSN websites and apps by linking it to my Videotron account. But it now says "Your subscription does not include TSN"... after logging in and linking my account. Does the Helix TV app have degraded or reduced subscription access, or did this change for all of Videotron? I can't find any references to it changing or having a lesser level of access mentioned anywhere!


I can watch the channels through the Helix app but that does not have the same features. Are there any subscriptions with Videotron that would allow those streams?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! In order to check that with you we would need to access your file. For that we invite you to contact our technical support either by chat or phone;
Thank you 🙂