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So many missing features in Helix

  • We switched from Illico to Helix because Illico pricing became so ludicrous.  Videotron kept increasing their Illico pricing to push customers out of Illico and into Helix.  Unfortunately, Helix technology and features are FAR inferior to Illico. 
  • The Helix box that attaches to the TV keeps going off making watching any show practically impossible.  
  • Additionally, the scheduled on/off features on Illico are not available in Helix.
  • Additionally and very sadly, the PIP (picture in picture) feature is no longer available in Helix.
  • On Helix, it offers the ability for me to choose the sports teams I would like to see highlighted in various ways.  Unfortunately, NONE of the CFL teams are available for me to choose from.  I am happy I am able to choose teams from the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB, but (with no disrespect intended to anyone) I can also choose teams from Cricket, WNBA, CHL, Nascar, Soccer, NCAA basketball and football.   Allow me to repeat my point:  I can get Cricket but I cannot get CFL???? 

I am a long-time Videotron customer and still use illico, I like the TV guide format and the illico remote control(better than Bell) for sure, features the illico remote I like most important is PIP(picture-in-picture), I know the Helix remote does not have (Boo), also buttons for to go forward/back 30 mins, In guide channel filter: can select My Package Channels much better than selecting channels you like to add in Favourite( Helix does not have), plus in Guide view: selecting a show able to put a reminder to it and see a notification on the screen when the show will begin.

Helix technology and features(who cares about having voice commands) are FAR inferior to Illico, even the feel of illico remote is better.

I want to switch to Helix, but what I said about illico is much better!