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VoLTE: ETA on if and when this will launch on Videotron


VoLTE: ETA on if and when this will launch on Videotron


Just switched from Rogers for a much better customer service experience, and much more affordable prices. Just wondering if anyone had any idea on if and when VoLTE will be launched on Videotron? They already have the devices, and their LTE network is actually pretty decent already. 

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There might have been a misunderstanding. To me the question was, when VoLTE will be launched on Videotron? Therefore, in my answers I was talking about a date of release, and not about whether the service will be offered or not by Videotron. Sorry about that Smiley Wink





Apple Watch 3 is also coming , need VoLTE support. Will videotron join the party ?

Would we be able to get a target date that Videotron is looking at in terms of VoLTE rollout as well as wifi calling? Just looking at Freedom Mobile and they were able to roll both features out alongside their LTE network rollout.


Many thanks in advance

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Hi evoMR, regarding the VOLTE service, we are aware that this is a rising technology and rest assured, Videotron will announce it as soon as it becomes available. We do not have an ETA right now but, it's being tested. Thank you for taking the time to write to us, have a good day!


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VoLTE is currently being worked on. No date of availability for this feature has been announced yet, but stay tuned as it will be announced in due time!

Hello, I'd like to know what Technician 08 wrote and why you edited it. We are all waiting impatiently for this feature to come out so please don't hide things from us... (asked very nicely and politely by a huge fan of Videotron)

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Hi Subnormalfever, 


We edited the message because it was misleading the customers with an information that is not correct. To make sure there is no confusion, the comment has been modified. As soon as we will get more infos about the release of the VoLTE, be sure you will be the first informed. 


Hope it clarifies the situation.


-Alex D

Question to the Moderator (or any Videotron employee). Will VoLTE be available to all Videotron customers with capable devices, or only Videotron purchased phones?

I know the other carries support BYOD. Videotron should support that. And besides, now you can check your SIM card VoLTE in your online account now

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