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Our top four phones for under $500

Chroniqueur techno

LG Q6_resized.png



If there's one piece of technology that plays a fundamental role in our lives today, it's the smartphone. Tremendous progress has been made in cell phone design and technology. In 2017, several companies introduced new smartphones:

  • LG presented its G6 model
  • Samsung unveiled its S8 and Note8 models
  • Google enhanced its product range with the Pixel 2
  • China-based Huawei continued to expand into the Canadian market with new models


And then there was Apple, which introduced a style change by releasing the iPhone X for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone series.


When companies launch massive campaigns for new devices, they often showcase their “signature” or “standard-bearer” models. These skillfully designed devices are equipped with the latest technologies.


This past year we saw record prices for top-of-the-line models, with some selling for over $1,000. However, not everyone needs all the technologies offered in the high-end models. If you're an occasional smartphone user, more affordable options are available.


In marketing campaigns, manufacturers often boast about their most prestigious phones. But behind the signature models are other high-quality devices that are suitable for the needs of most consumers. So no, you don't have to fork out over $1,000 for a cell phone in 2017 (or 2018). A $450 phone obviously won't deliver the same performance as a $1,300 model. But if you're willing to make a few compromises, you could save a significant amount of money and still get an attractive device.


We've compiled a list of four phones for under $500 that we think you might like. Or perhaps there's a teenager in your household who might enjoy one. Let's be honest: you don't want to leave a $800+ device in your teen's hands (unless you invest in a protection plan).






LG Q6_resized.png

 LG Q6 ($419.95):

        - Large screen with 5.5-inch full HD display in a very compact frame

        - 100-degree wide angle front camera for group selfies

        - Sleek design available in two colours


P10 Lite Black_Front_resized.png

 Huawei P10 Lite ($339.95):

        - Elegant design with a double-sided glass frame

        - Rear fingerprint sensor

        - High-capacity battery: 10 minutes of charging is enough to power two hours of video viewing


Samsung X-cover_resized.jpg

 Samsung XCover 4 ($299.95):

        - Durable design with shock protection and accessibility even in harsh environments

        - Water and dust resistance (up to 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes; IP68 rating)

        - Easy touch sensitivity (even with gloves on)


Moto G5_DkGryDv_FrntSide_resized.png Motorola Moto G5 ($239.95):

        - Fingerprint sensor (rare in this price range)

        - Vanilla Google interface (the basic version of the Android interface without extras or manufacturer customization, which makes navigation very smooth)

        - Fast-charging high-capacity battery (10W charger included)


All of these phones are equipped with MicroSD slots, making it easy and relatively inexpensive to upgrade your device's storage space.


These are just some of the devices that piqued our curiosity in recent months. What about you? Are you satisfied with a mid-range model, or will you settle for nothing less than top of the line? Don't forget to share your comments with us. Happy shopping!