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New security check to counter mobile port out scams

Are you a new Videotron Mobile customer and want to keep your current number? Some mobile service providers have implemented a new security process to prevent port out scams during your number tr...


How to protect yourself against SIM swapping

SIM swap, the latest fraud technique, happens when a hacker is able to transfer your mobile phone number to another SIM card in their possession thereby securing their exclusive use of your numbe...


Mathieu Roy, Technology Correspondent

A tech enthusiast, Mathieu Roy is a host and correspondent who has made a name for himself in the Quebec media over the past 20 years. His knack for simplifying technology and social media topics h...


QUB musique, a music platform made for Quebec

Want to discover a brand new music platform while supporting a local product designed specifically for Quebeckers? Download QUB musique and take advantage of the launch offer! QUB for our people QU...


Videotron’s generous All-Inclusive plans

Choose an All-Inclusive plan and relax. We’ll take care of everything! In today’s telecommunications market, trying to find what’s right for you can get confusing as you browse through an endless var...


Helix, what does it offer exactly?

Helix offers more than just entertainment. It adapts to your connected life to brighten it and make it easier in many ways, while allowing you to manage your services yourself. Discover everything He...


Advice and Tips for Avoiding Internet Fraud

In today’s environment, when most of us spend many hours on the computer for telework or entertainment, it’s important to remember best practices to avoid fraud and traps online. Good practices in ...


Keeping busy to keep seeing the bright side

The COVID-19 pandemic that’s keeping use home is no reason to go around in circles. You need to know how to keep busy by finding new ways to keep yourself in shape and entertain yourself and your...


Tips for a Safe Return

Are you coming home from Florida, a trip down south or from studying abroad? We are with you as you are subject to the mandatory 14-day self-quarantine in order to comply with the Government of Canad...


Tips to enhance your teleworking experience

By Catherine Mayer During this isolation period, the majority of employees who can still enjoy working are doing it from home – this is our case in the Videotron Web department. Some of us are av...


Phishing attempts on the rise

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security has unfortunately noticed an increase in phishing campaigns regarding the COVID-19 among businesses and individuals (our customers). The Canadian government r...


Samsung’s new foldable smartphone: the Galaxy Z Flip

We were looking forward to the latest of Samsung’s foldable devices: the Galaxy Z Flip. Having had the opportunity to try it out for a few days, here are my impressions after about 40 hours of ...


Discover the brand new S20 5G series

Samsung unveiled its new product line, the S20 5G devices, as well as its new foldable Galaxy Z Flip concept phone in San Francisco. A few days before the big launch, I had the chance to try th...


The future of TV sets live from CES 2020

For more than 50 years, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been showcasing the latest and greatest in tech. This year’s show featured another bumper crop of exciting innovations. As usual, t...


Discovering Helix: The Helix app

If you have a compatible iOS or Android device, you should try the Helix app. It has some great features. You can use the app to watch your content on different screens (tablet, phone). This ...


Discovering Helix: Kids Zone

This section will avoid plenty of disappointment and having to negotiate with your children. The Kids Zone is a section within Helix that consolidates all content intended for children. It’s a ...


Discovering Helix: Your voice remote

Voice command is definitely the star of all the Helix TV system’s new features. In fact, it’s hard to miss, since you’ll find the feature’s button right in the centre of your remote. Simply press...


Videotron’s new Zen plans

Want to use more data when you need it? No worries, stay Zen. Canada’s telecom marketplace is booming and the big carriers are all vying to meet spiralling consumer demand for data. Some car...


Google Keynote 2019

Google once again chose a gorgeous October day to introduce tech journalists to its latest products. I jumped at the chance to get my hands on their new gadgets. And just minutes after the presentat...


My top Android phones of 2018

2018 was a big year for smartphones. While Apple upgraded its iPhone X lineup with impressive—but predictable—new features, Android devices had a particularly strong showing in 2018. Here a...


Antivirus apps

There's a huge variety of apps you can install on your smartphone, including antivirus software. But is it really necessary to download antivirus protection on an Android device? And how is it th...