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You have reached the $50 Mobile data overage limit. But that does not count....

Good day, I would like to know why my account has been charged with over 45 gigs for the month of September. Then I get a call from Videotron 1 day before the end of my monthly cycle about it. So I'm getting charged with $1920.40. I have called and called and have gotten only limited help. After trying to get this fix/reduced to the $50.00 fee. I was offered a $900.00 rebate.
I will explain that I have 2 phones, one for me and my wife the exact model of phone samA51. They tried to tell me that my router had failed (not Videotron product) and that is why it went to mobile data charges. I said then if this happened then both phones would show mobile charges even a minimal charge if my router was off on both phones. And Since we are under Covid-19 work from home, myself and my wife are constantly connected to the Wi-Fi for both our pc's. There has been no interruption.

I asked for this to be sent to me by e-mail. this was refused. I said that I have a right to have it sent to me.

On another call I got "you said you would not pay the bill." that is why they are not e-mailing me. I said "I am disputing the charge" that is why I'm on the phone. I said that I still wanted the rebate offered sent to me. they refused. then gave me the send your complaint to - I sent one on the 15th of October. No reply yet.
I'm sent billing every month. I don't have someone calling from the company telling me how much I owe. I get this by e-mail.
I also have the e-mail from 2013. that Videotron has our back when it comes to overage fees. This was mandated by the CRTC which came into effect Dec 2, 2013.
SO WHY am I sending an e-mail here if you are not even honoring your mandate which is a MANDATORY Wireless Code of Standards.
Hope this actually gets somewhere.
you have my e-mail on record please feel free to send me or even call me since you also have that information too.
thank you,


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The 50$ limit is there by default unless you remove it from your customer center app or on videotron website

Correct Danny6690,

I never cancelled or removed that option from my account. I have the original e-mail showing That I would have to request it be removed from my account which I did not do.

The CCTS has taken my dispute with Videotron, and have sent them notices to no request payment for the disputed amount. yet I still got an e-mail 'reminder' that my billing date is due end of this month. they called me 1 day before end of cycle to advise me that I ran up a huge amount. I wonder if they are going to call one day before the end of the billing cycle to ask how come I've not paid the amount of $2341.50. stay tuned!