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Handshake problem?

Hoping you folks can figure out this annoying problem.
Brand new Samsung QLED TV (Q90A) connected directly to the Illico Samsung 4K PVR via HDMI (I've switched 3 cables, problem persists)
This doesn't happen all the time but on cold boot (say, in the morning), there will either be no sound, other times no image no sound and other days all is good with image and sound.
When there is no image I still get the info below:

no image or soundno image or sound

The only way to fix this is to reboot the terminal and connect/reconnect the cable. The same happens on the TV's other 3 HDMI ports.
If I connect the terminal to my little 19"in Samsung, never a problem and the same when it was connected to the old Samsung plasma.
Thanks in advance for any possible leads to solve this problem.


Not sure why the image does not appear in my post but the message shown even though there is no picture or sound is:

3840x2160 / 60p


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! That does sound like an HDCP handshake issue. We invite you to jot down the TV's complete model number and get in touch with technical support either by phone, by chat, or by private message on Facebook Messenger/Twitter. If there's a compatibility issue, we'll be able to escalate to the appropriate people to get this resolved ASAP.


Thank you!

So I just ended the call with tech support and Nicholas guided me through the HDCP reset. Pascal, you were right and here’s what was instructed so it may help others.

-Shut cable box and TV off

-Unplug cable box from wall outlet

-Disconnect HDMI cable from TV, then unplug TV from wall outlet.

Plug back cable box, connect HDMI, plug back TV. DO NOT SWITCH THEM ON YET.

-Switch on the cable box and wait until it has booted and the time is displayed.

-Switch on the TV and , if a smart tv, let it discover the box.

Image and sound should be restored.