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Helix Wifi - Switching from 5ghz down to 2.4ghz



I had had my Helix Gateway installed and now I have an issue with a setup I had. On my old Videotron Wifi I could choose to pick up the 2.4ghz wifi or the 5ghz wifi. This was needed as I have a lot of smart Bulbs in my apartment and they only connect to the app on my phone if I am on the 2.4ghz channel. So with the old system I could set up on the 2.4 channel then just go back to 5 after and they worked. 


With my Helix being dual channel, sounds great. But I Cannot work out how to switch my phone to pick up only the 2.4ghz. There is not choice to drop down between to broadcasting channels. On my Helix app on my phone it shows both my channels and I tried to find a way to make it so I could either Turn off the 5ghz for a little while or to make it so my phone was forced to pick up the 2.4ghz band. Can anyone help? I have spent over $200 on smart Bulbs for my apartment and now cannot use them properly. And when they are not connected they are full bright. 


Thanks for any help in Advance. 


Just in case someone comes across this page and needs the answer. I could not find it for a long while so I used the videotron customer chat to talk to a tech guy. He answered my quetion in one line. 


I had looked all over the App but did not think to check in the Network naming area. I thought that was just for changing the name of the network and the password. But in that area under Networks and tapping on the pencil in the top right corner you can then inside there choose to show both frequencies with their own names and passwords. This solved my issue right away and now I have all my smart devices working again. Simple. 

Thank you!

Whats the name of the app. Does it work or the site helix or the router management???


Thank you very much! I found it in the helix fi app as well as the helix fi website via the Edit WiFi link at the top right corner of the network settings page.

I can't believe it took me almost half an hour to change this so simple setting. Their UI is really bad...


Is anyone still have a hard time splitting their 2.4 and 5 ghz networks? I login through the gateway (after a factory reset), where I'm told that advanced security settings are handled automatically and are inaccessible to me. I hop over to the Helix Fi app, click the pencil icon next to My Network, but then I only see a single network there — one name, one password. Surely it can't be this hard...

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello ocococ, you are on the right page. In the app, after tapping the pencil icon, please make sure to tick/untick the box to separate or mix the 2,4 and 5 ㎓ networks.