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Samsung 4k PVR loses signal if we open it before the TV

I just upgraded to the Samsung 4k receiver and I'm encountering an issue that requires me to reboot it very often.


With the previous basic receiver, I would leave it on at all times. I would open the TV and the feed would work fine. Now, with the new 4k receiver if I close my TV, leave the receiver on and open the TV later (overnight for example)...the feed will be cut out (image and sound) and I will need to reboot the 4K receiver to get it to work again.


Also, when I do reboot the receiver, I have to make sure my TV is ON and set to the correct HDMI output BEFORE I turn ON the receiver or else it won't send a signal (sometimes just Video no Audio, sometimes neither).


The tech on the line told me that there is sometimes an electrical discharge through the HDMI cable that "screws up" the receiver. I have a hard time believing this as the receiver is basically EXTREMELY sensitive and this is simply unnaceptable. I've lost the signal and had to reboot it at least a dozen times this past weekend. If I don't do the correct order in the steps, it will not work correctly.


The HDMI cable I am using is the same model I use with all my other devices (xbox1, ps4) on a recently purchased Vizio P-55 F1.


Is this considered normal now?



I have the same problem with my new 4K receiver and brand new 4k tv.  I am uusing the hdmi cable that came with the receiver.  


I have to unplug the recever and reboot it after a tv shutdown.


Did you find a solution

The only work around is that I do not leave the 4k receiver ON for long amounts of time. I turn the receive OFF at night and when I turn it back on, I make sure the TV is already ON and giving me the "no video feed" message. At that point the connection between the TV and the cable box is "solid" and I can change inputs to the xbox/ps4 and switch back to the cable box input without losing the image or sound.


Doing it any other way requires a reboot of the cable box.

I have played with it a lot the past day.  I have found that if I put the settings on the PVR at 1080I, that solves the problem.  If I put 1080P, I loose the sound when turning back on the TV.


Never gets a shutdown on 1080I  


This is a bad glitch for Videotron with 4K receiver

I had the same problems... I was using my previously installed HDMI cable. I switched to the HDMI cable provided and I have steady UHD 4K resolution without any hiccups (terminal hooked on ethernet).