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Helix Question

I was thinking to switch to Helix but I would like to know the following:

Right now with Illico I have my tv in 1 room and in another room I have the Illico modem & Router where my work pc is and phone for the office. 
My office phone needs to be connected directly to the router. 

Can I have Helix in 2 seperate rooms? Will additional equipment need to be purchased such as wi-fi pods or is it possible to have a similar setup as i have now where the Helix Tv box will have a ethernet connection to the tv as i have now and wi-fi modem be in the other room and not pose any setup/connection issues? 


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi @nmanstavich,


You can install the Helix gateway at the same location as your current modem and router to provide an easier internet access to your office phone and computer. By default, the Helix TV receiver will connect to the Helix gateway through Wi-Fi and there should be a need for a wired connection or for additional components such as the Helix pods unless there is great distance to cover.  Otherwise, you do have the option to connect an ethernet cable between the gateway and TV receiver without any specific configuration required.