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Samsung soundbar interfering with Wifi?




A friend of mind was told that his Samsung soundbar will interfere with the WiFi signal from his Helix gateway. I also have a Samsung sound bar and a regularly have my WiFi signal interrupted when using my iPad, computer and game console. Especially annoying when in an on-line meeting. Is their any merit to that? I followed every trouble shooting tip to try to alleviate this problem, but without success. That's my last guest as to what might explain these regular interruptions.




Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi!  How far is your soundbar located from the Helix gateway? Are they next to each other? As a general rule, it is recommended to leave at least 3 feet of distance between Wi-Fi routers and any other electronic equipment likely to generate interference.


Have you noticed these dropouts only when the soundbar is on and in use? Although I am aware that it may pose some drawbacks with your audio quality for a short time, the best thing you could do to confirm this hypothesis is to keep the soundbar turned off or even completely unplugged from the power and see the situation improves.



Hi. Thank you your reply and feed-back. I tried to notice if turning off the TV and soudbar would make a difference. I also disconnected the subwoofer since this is the component that uses Bleutooth. It seemed to have made a difference for a while (hence the delay for checking my post for replies), but then Friday and Saturday this week, we had the same Internet disconnections issues as before (usualy 4 or 5 times a day). 


I will try what you suggested and unplug de soudbar. To answer your question, the soundbar and Helix are right next to eachother.  Intially, Helix was on the bottom shelf under the TV. I moved it on top of the TV unit (next to the soundbar) because Videtron Website said the unit should be above the ground and unobstructed from furniture. So I will also try to reposition Helix (or the soundbar) so they are at least 3 feet away from eachother. 


Thanks for your advice. I will keep you posted if what you suggested worked.