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Première facture inexacte suite au changement pour Hélix


Première facture inexacte suite au changement pour Hélix

Suite au changement de service pour Hélix, la première facture reçue ne tient  pas compte du changement effectué. La facture tient compte du retour de l’équipement mais pas du changement de service  vers Hélix. Ainsi ,Internet et les services télé sont toujours chargés alors qu’ils ont été transférés vers la facture Hélix. 

Suite à un appel au service à la clientèle, on m’a dit d’ignorer cette facture et une nouvelle sera émise. Ce sont des factures émises automatiquement par le système.

Une  intervention humaine devrait donc être faite aussitôt que le contrat Hélix est accepté en vue d’éviter l’émission de ces factures provisoires et inexactes par le système.






It seems that I have similar query, did you get the solution for this?  Express HR Login

Yes, the problem  is solved.


This billing problem experienced by all those who modify their services comes from the fact that Videotron, like Bell and the others, bill a month in advance and this billing is done around the middle of the monthly cycle.


In my case, the billing cycle starts on the 3rd of every month.  I changed to Helix on July 6 and was billed on July 15 in advance for the period from August 3 to September 2 but without the system being made aware of the change made on July 6 and therefore a completely inaccurate bill.


Following a new call to customer service today , I was informed that the $204 invoice appearing in my customer centre has now turned into a $5 credit and everything is back to normal.  Except that it won't appear in my customer centre before August 15th.


The conclusion is that Videotron's billing system is not well suited to situations when a customer changes its services and that it is necessary to wait at least a month before having an exact picture of the situation.  You must therefore avoid relying to the figures appearing in the costumer centre in the first month and be patient.

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