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Appels continus non solicités


Est-ce que quelqu'un sait comment empêcher des appels entrants à répétition (aux 5 minutes). Depuis hier je reçoit des appels de différents numéros: 450-491-xxxx, 12 appels hier soir, 10 appels ce matin (jusqu'à date). À part les bloqués tous individuellement y a t'il un autre moyen?



If the calls are coming from a recognizable phone number, you may be able to contact your local police department and file a harassment complaint. You can also contact your phone service provider and ask to block the numbers that are calling you. You can also set up call blocking on your phone to block the numbers that are calling you.

The problem is they always use different last four digits so even if I block them they use another one. I have written a complain with the CRTC, not sure the police could do anything. At least they have finally stopped for now 😊.


The issue lies in their consistent use of different last four digits making it challenging to thwart their attempts by blocking. I filed a complaint with the CRTC as I am uncertain about the polices effectiveness in this matter. Fortunately they have ceased at least for the time being! 😄