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How is Videotron mobile in Ottawa???


How is Videotron mobile in Ottawa???

I have had it with Bell mobile. Lately I noticed their customer service (or lack there of) has been declining quickly. The only reason why I stayed this long with them was because I had an awesome plan that was grandfathered in and I had 2 other lines (mom and her sister) that I would have had to move over too. In the past two week I had a lot of BS that made me want to take a look at competitors and see what I can get.

Videotron has a great deal if I bring my own phone and is only $5 more a month but I'm not sure how their reception or services is in Ontario since its a Quebec company. They also give an additional discount if I have 3 lines which is even better!

Does anyone have any insights on how Videotron is overall?

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Re: How is Videotron mobile in Ottawa???

I dint have a great experience with videotron in Ottawa... but when I got there (I’m from Montreal), it works fine.
Technically Videotron and Rogers have the same network for Quebec and Ottawa region... so coverage should be good.

I’ve here some stories here saying that where signal is not good, your device might stick to Freedom network even though videotron doesn’t have roaming agreement with freedom... which will make tour device looks like it’s connected without being really connected. Apparently this is happening mainly with android devices that were not bought from videotron. I never experienced that with my iPhone bought at videotron or directly at the Apple store.

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