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Helix 2 is getting very hot even if nobody is using internet. My UPS uptime is reduced a lot.


Helix 2 (Model:TG4482A rev 10) is getting very hot even if nobody is using internet in my house (tested bridge mode and no bridge mode). I compare with bell Hub 2000 and Helix 2 is ten times hotter! Also when connecting Helix 2 to my UPS the uptime is going down a lot. Looks like Helix 2 has a bad hardware design and is heating and consuming a lot for just a simple modem/router.


Maxinross, you completely did not understand my issue !!!

Please do not provide confusing answers here, the issue is helix2 device !!! with bell HUB 2000 all it is ok.


Also tested with WiFi 2.4 & 5GHz turned OFF and only Videotron coax cable connected (no ethernet), the Helix2 modem/router is getting very hot when compare with other routers Netgear or Bell Hub2000.

My Helix gateway 2 uses about 18w according to my Kill-A-Watt.  The top of my gateway is a bit hot because of the convection.  I guess the fan inside will start if it gets too hot.


@Dandandan What's the power usage of your helix gateway ? 

Thank you @SamusAran for power consumption info;

I will measure my helix2 power usage and post the info here. My UPS does not shows the load in wats, only uptime remaining, but I will get soon a  Power Watt Meter.

Here I am sharing my helix2 hardware info (for better side-by-side comparison in case there are different hardware revisions on the market ...):

Model: TG4482A
Vendor: ARRIS Group, Inc.
Hardware Revision: 10
Processor Speed: 3999.95 MHz
DRAM Total Memory: 672 MB

@SamusAran could you please confirm that you have the same 'hardware revision' = 10 and 'CPU speed' = 4GHz ?

(this info is available on helix2 web page under: Gateway -> Hardware  -> System Hardware )

Thank you

It seems my gateway was made by Technicolor.  I think it's weird that your CPU is much faster than mine.  Maybe there's something wrong with your gateway that makes the CPU run so fast.  Did you call technical support about your gateway running hot ?  They might have diagnostic tools to check that.


Model: CGM4331COM
Vendor: Technicolor
Hardware Revision: 2.0
Processor Speed: 1503 MHz
DRAM Total Memory: 1024 MB

Thank you @SamusAran, you are right for a modem/router the 4GHz CPU speed is not normal (it is not a server).

I have called technical support and they mentioned the gateway is running in specs ... not sure how much technical experience the person had ...

Here on this link below looks like xFi Advanced Gateway (XB7) is the equivalent of Model Numbers: CGM4331COM and TG4482A



I read some people complaining about the Arris TG4482A using Puma 6 or 7 chip having more issue with overheating and even random reboots. With that said it goes back to 2019-20. Comcast might have fixed the issue meanwhile does not mean the Arris is a bad device.