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Semi basement reception


I, recently switched from Public Mobile(Telus Network) to Videotron. I used to have an excellent reception in a semi basement, never had any problem. With Videotron, I noticed that half of outgoing calls does not pass through. Also, I do not receive some incoming calls. I cannot even reach my voicemail many times, very frustrating.. However, I have no problem out of semi basement.

I wonder if there is any solution to this. I live in Lachine area.


I hope we could launch WiFi calling soon to resolve the problem

Here is a temporary solution before launch of wifi calling.


By registering with FONGO app, we can get a free phone number, then forward your original number to Fongo number and choose UNREACHABLE option. 

When a call comes in and your phone is unreachable, call is forwarded to Fongo and connection is established over wifi. To send a call, you can use FONGO, but a better solution is using HANGOUT/DIALER app. as the other party can see your original number, and you can check you voicemail too.

There is a $5 monthly fee for call forwarding. I wonder if Videotron could waive this fee before launch of wifi calling