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Reception lacking in new development, any ideas who to contact?


So I just noticed that Videotron has been running a ton of marketing material in the Ottawa region about Canada-wide reception. Also noticed that their coverage map says the area I'm in has LTE coverage. 


However, it's been pretty shoddy with terrible speeds and very high latencies in the neighborhood that I just moved to, suggesting to me that it's tower is quite far away. I should also say that no I don't live in the middle of nowhere (this neighborhood is quite established and has a sizeable population). 


Has anyone got any information on how to communicate this to tech support or open up a case explaining poor cell reception? 


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You will have to first call technical support... and go through the first line... with all the tests you will be asked to do.

be prepared to argue if for example it somewhat works fine outside but not inside.


that said, there’s one person in the French section that had some problems in the Ottawa region too... Vidéotron ended up saying that the specific region where he is was identified as problematic and they didn’t offered any solutions besides getting a device compatible with WiFi calling