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New user - Phone wont connect



I got a phone subscription to videotron.

Got my sim in the mail last week now im trying to get it to work in my phone


I have an LG G3 and my wife has an S9 both fully unlocked and work LTE with Rogers/Telus.

The sim card wont register on Videotron network on either.


When i go toSettings and search manually for networks, both phones display a videotron option but on no phone will it connect. Both phones just sit there thinking about it


Any help?

I have the APN settings for videotron but i cant even use that yet


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You SIM is probably not activated yet.
Call customer service... they will be able to sort this out quickly.

Thank you

So i rang them and they said that was indeed the problem and they told me they had activated it then wait 10 mins, restart my phone and it should work

I did all that, but it wont work...


And now customer service is closed...

Very annoying

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Technical support is still opened.