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Cancellation Indemnity


Cancellation Indemnity

Hi, just wanted some clarification on how the cancellation indemnity works. Tried to search site and message board but not clear to me.


So as an example choosing a high end cell phone such as Samsung Galaxy S8


It lists $1029.95 as cash price

$249.95 as cost for a 24M plan at $79.95

$149.95 as cost for a 24M plan at $89.95


Assuming I had signed the 24 month contract and asked Videotron to cancel early, how is cancellation fee calculated?



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Re: Cancellation Indemnity



The cancellation fee is calculated according to the remaining number of months on the 24 months contract. For example, if you get a $780 rebate on the retail price of the device with the $79.95 monthly plan and decide to cancel the service after 12 months, you will have to reimburse $390. If you only downgrade your mobile plan and still reach one of the monthly minimum required, you will be charged for the portion of the rebate linked to the minimum you no longer reach. 


For example, if you initially took a monthly plan of at least $89.95 before taxes and decided to downgrade to $79.95 after 12 months, you would be charged $50.


Have a great evening!


- Yannick

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