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Impromptu visit by videotron agents at home


I received an impromptu visit by two Vidéotron agents at my home today. Curious!!! Just want to know if this kind of visit is genuine and if anyone else has experience this before. Thanks.



I received a door-to-door visit from a vendor/subcontractor (sous-traitant) earlier this evening. The offer is too good to be true!! I'm very skeptical and am going to call Videotron's customer service tomorrow. I'm wondering if the vendor is actually selling Fizz's Internet claiming it's Helix. He had a document that appeared to be a list of Videotron customers in my area.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Simba, welcome in our Community!

To answer your question, Videotron has a Neighborhood Marketing team. It is therefore possible for representatives to go door to door to talk about offers and promotions linked to different services. That said, fraud is increasing these days, so your vigilance is essential. Normally, representatives should be able to clearly identify themselves and prove that they are employed by Videotron.

I hope that answers your question!