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Can I manually change DNS configuration on Helix?



In an effort to better improve security for my home network, I would like to configure the DNS settings on my router to point at "protected" DNS servers from the Canadian Shield ( Is there a way to do this, or will I be forced to choose another ISP?


Thank you.




Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert


As of now, if you would like to have your own DNS servers on Helix, you would need to use a personal router in bridge mode and configure that router to have the DNS servers of your choosing. 

Any ETA on when it will be possible to modify DNS servers to specify the ones we want to use? I find it completely ridiculous that it is not possible to do it already because it is a basic option. It is pathetic to be forced to pay for the Helix router and then stop using it and purchase another router.

Since it is a basic option it should not be that much difficult for Videotron to deploy an update to enable the user to modify the DNS servers and having this possibility won't harm the user who don't care about this.



Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Good morning RickyMartin. We hear you and we understand that this would help but right now, we do not have an ETA for this feature. We'll keep our customers posted when it becomes available. Thank you!